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NuShield Helps To Enjoy Your Vacation More

As the world opens up in the aftermath of Covid 19 more families have decided to travel during the Summer and take the kids to see sights and new cities. Most of us are fully vaccinated and boosted so the fear of catching Covid 19 and having a serious reaction has been subdued.

To capture and remember all your wonderful experiences you will be bringing your phone and tablet along for the trip. However, before you pack everything up, make sure you order and install the NuShield DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film. 

Most devices have issues with glare on the display surface making it impossible to see clearly what you are taking pictures of and if the shot is in focus. So, you use the Live function and take many shots hoping that one of them will turn out right.

But if you install the DayVue film then this will be the least of your worries. The anti-reflective feature of the film allows you to see the display without glare. And it works even if you are wearing polarized sunglasses. The DayVue film was created for the military to use on their devices to eliminate glare under the harshest conditions.

The NuShield film is easy to install and will stay in place for years without the need to replace. NuShield supports a large variety of Smartphone devices as well as tablets on the market today and even has stock of older models.

If you are into cameras, NuShield can help you there as well. The Cut-to-Fit Kits available can be trimmed to the size of the display area on the back of the camera using a supplied paper template to measure the film size needed and then to trim the film using a razor blade or sharp scissors.

NuShield currently offers glare eliminating films for over 15,000 different devices from Smartphones all the way up to 80-inch diagonal televisions.  Please visit our website for further details or contact us for more information.