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How NuShield’s DayVue Helps PGA Pros Analyze Golf Swings

A tablet display without NuShield protection

There’s a science to golf, just like there is to any sport.

And as with most sciences, the discipline of swinging a golf club is one that’s aided by advances in technology. With a camera or a tablet or a Smartphone at the driving range, you have a visual interpretation of your swing.

But those visual aids are only useful as long as you can see the screen. Sunlight reflected off an LCD screen can force golfers and instructors into the shade to review their swings, thus disrupting the lesson.

To combat this problem, the Professional Golf Association of America — commonly known as the PGA  — has turned to NuShield to find a solution that allows tablets, Smartphones, and other mobile computing devices to be better visual teaching tools.

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NuShield’s Anti Reflective Screen Protectors Improve Your Golf Practice

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Thanks to the advancements in practical technology, golfers now have the tools to improve their golf games through applications on their smart phone, laptop or tablet. Some of these applications allow them to capture video of their swings to show ways in which they can improve their game. However, since golfers use these applications on the driving range, sunlight blocks the displays not allowing outdoor screens visibility. This is where the NuShield® DayVue™ anti reflective screen protector film saves the day.

Benefits of The NuShield DayVue Anti Reflective Screen Protector for Golfers

NuShield' DayVue Anti Reflective Screen Protector
Problem: Display too dark to view without the NuShield DayVue Anti Reflective Screen Protector

The NuShield DayVue anti reflective screen protector makes it easier for golfers to use their mobile devices on the course by reducing screen reflections. In addition to stopping the screen from looking more like a mirror than a viewer, the NuShield DayVue anti reflective screen protector film has other benefits.

  • Prevents a smart phone, laptop or tablet’s display from scratching, due to everyday use.
  • Allows easy fingerprint cleaning so golfers see a clear view of their screen when they record or watch video and tutorials.
  • Ability for the golfer to wear polarized sunglasses and still see the screens clearly.
  • The tacky adhesive is easy to install and remove. Film sizes can fit a wide variety of devices.

Combined, these benefits make the anti reflective screen protector an appealing buy for golfers.

Customer Review of NuShield Products

While standard anti glare films darken the screen outdoors, only the NuShield DayVue anti reflective film allows users to view their electronic devices in this environment. Due to their efficiency, the DayVue received positive reviews from customers. Kitti Ford-Scholz from Kanehoe, Hawaii, says that the NuShield products are fantastic and that she recommends these anti reflective screen protectors to all iPad users.

Ultimately, the new developments in mobile applications are making it easier for golfers to improve their game. However, since these applications are used outdoors it’s important that golfers have anti reflective films on their devices to view their display effectively. The NuShield DayVue anti reflective screen protector film is easy to install, it allows the user to see  the display and not a self reflection,  and it can protect the surface of the phone, laptop or tablet from incurring scratches. The result is a great film protector that helps golfers view their displays clearly, so they can work on improving their game.

See the Difference

The difference is clear when you view a smartphone, camera, tablet, or laptop with and without the DayVue Anti Reflective films side by side outside. The best test is one you do yourself on a sunny day. Once you see the difference, you will wonder how you ever used these devices without the film covering before.

iPad without DayVue Anti-Reflective film on a Sunny Day Outdoors
iPad without DayVue Anti-Reflective film on a Sunny Day Outdoors
iPad with DayVue Film When Viewed on a Sunny Day Outdoors
iPad withDayVue Film When Viewed on a Sunny Day Outdoors

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