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Why Cruise Ship Technology Needs NuShield Now

If you’ve been working in the cruise ship industry for, say, 10 or 15 years, you’ve almost certainly noticed some changes to cruise ship technology.

Prior to the late 1990s, or perhaps even the early part of the 21st century, for instance, most ship pursers were still keeping the majority of their financial records on actual paper.

A cruise line’s marketing manager spent a good portion of their day working the (land line) phones in those days, long before Facebook or Twitter have even been conceived. A housekeeping administrative assistant carried her marching orders around on a clipboard, not a tablet computer. A shore excursion manager was forced to find a payphone if something went wrong, and a call back to the ship was deemed necessary. Today, they wouldn’t dream of walking onto land without a fully charged smartphone.

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How NuShield Helps Church LCD Displays Spread the Good Word

As technology continues its expansion into more and more facets of life, churches are increasingly beginning to turn towards it for help in spreading their message. Emails and social media, for instance, help keep the flock in the loop of the church community. Large LCD screens are replacing traditional bulletin boards.

And yet, as churches continue finding new uses for technology, they’re also discovering the problems that technology can introduce.

Consider, for example, a megachurch that uses a collection of digital LCD screens to give parishioners a better view of the pastor. Both natural and artificial light can cause debilitating screen glare, which in turn can easily inhibit the spread of the good word. In fact, that’s almost exactly what happened recently in the North Carolina legislative chamber, where a number of very expensive Sharp digital TV monitors were reduced to little more than mirrors as a result of screen glare.

Fortunately, NuShield was able to help out in that situation. If your church is running into similar problems, we can help fix your situation, too.

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Reduce Glare on Your Outdoor TV with NuShield

With a protective NuShield film, glare on your outdoor TV is a thing of the past.

Today’s TVs are thinner than ever, bigger than ever, and able to produce the most amazing pictures. What’s more, having a big TV outside lets you watch your sports or favorite show from the pool, deck or inside your screen porch.

These magnificent flat-screens, however, have one major shortcoming: the glare. This is caused by the UHD TV’s glossy display, which has a tendency to reflect light. In order to create the Ultra High Definition image on today’s TV, manufacturers cannot use the anti-glare matte finish coating that used to diminish reflective glare.

If the TV is in your home, you could simply use blinds or blackout curtains to eliminate the glare during the day. But when you go outside, your TV is practically converted into an expensive mirror that reflects its surroundings.

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