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Reduce Glare on Your Outdoor TV with NuShield

With a protective NuShield film, glare on your outdoor TV is a thing of the past.

Today’s TVs are thinner than ever, bigger than ever, and able to produce the most amazing pictures. What’s more, having a big TV outside lets you watch your sports or favorite show from the pool, deck or inside your screen porch.

These magnificent flat-screens, however, have one major shortcoming: the glare. This is caused by the UHD TV’s glossy display, which has a tendency to reflect light. In order to create the Ultra High Definition image on today’s TV, manufacturers cannot use the anti-glare matte finish coating that used to diminish reflective glare.

If the TV is in your home, you could simply use blinds or blackout curtains to eliminate the glare during the day. But when you go outside, your TV is practically converted into an expensive mirror that reflects its surroundings.

NuShield Solves the Glare Issue

NuShield’s Triple A anti-glare and DayVue anti-reflection films are the premier solutions to eliminate glare problems. With a minimal reduction in the TV’s brightness, the NuShield solution eliminates reflections and minimizes glare from the sun. The same technology used to make NuShield screen protectors for your Smartphone, tablets, laptops and other displays has been stretched to gigantic proportions to offer superior protection for your outdoor TV. Instead of squinting or changing seats to catch the action, you can relax and enjoy a TV enhanced by a NuShield screen protector.

NuShield’s Triple A film works best on televisions that are placed under shaded areas, such as a porch or overhead awning.  The film will diffuse the reflections, so that all you’ll see will the program, and not the glare.

The DayVue film works best in direct sunlight. If your television is outside and receives sunlight directly for part of the day, this will be your best solution.  The film cancels out glare similar to noise cancelling headphones.

NuShield currently supports over 12,000 different devices with LCD, LED or plasma displays with up to an 80-inch diagonal screen. If we don’t already list it on our website, NuShield can also create new film sizes to fit your device, without any extra cost. You can learn more about the Triple A and DayVue films, or if you’re ready, purchase our product to provide protection for your devices.