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Toyota RAV4 Solution for GPS Daytime Visibility Issues

Frequent complaints have been made regarding the visibility of the Toyota RAV4 navigation screen in daylight, especially from drivers wearing polarized sunglasses. In situations of direct sunlight or where sun glare affects screen visibility, the Toyota RAV4’s navigation screen appears dark, and images and text on the screen are indiscernible. This not only causes drivers discomfort, but it is also a safety hazard. Those who wear prescription sunglasses and cannot remove their glasses to get a good look at their screens face particular dangers due to the visibility of the RAV4’s screen. Owners of the RAV4 often find themselves stuck with this problem after they’ve already purchased the RAV4’s navigation system, and they seek a problem that will allow them to continue using the system while avoiding visibility issues.

Fortunately, a solution to the navigation screen visibility issues of the RAV4 can be found using the NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film. The NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film is a way to quickly and conveniently correct these common visibility problems with the RAV4’s system and enjoy problem-free operation of the system even for drivers who are using polarized sunglasses. By ordering online on the NuShield website Car Navigation page, it’s possible to order Screen Protector Film that’s custom fit to the unique screen size specifications of the Toyota RAV4 navigation screen. Simply placing Screen Protector Film over a navigation screen with visibility issues offers significant savings over other methods of remedying the process like screen replacement, which could cost upwards of $200.

Screen Protector Film from NuShield works by filtering out glare from the sun and providing UV protection against direct sunlight. The film also reduces reflections using light canceling effects that are somewhat similar to the effects of noise canceling headphones. In NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film, innovative light canceling technology is put to use in seconds thanks to an easy installation process, and the film can also quickly be removed when necessary. The benefits of using NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film are not limited to only improved visibility. Screen Protector Film from NuShield also protects against scratches and other possible damage to your screen. The Screen Protector Film will not damage the screen or cause adhesive residues to leave blemishes on the screen thanks to the fact that NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film uses a low-tack rubber that will not stick more strongly to the screen surface over time. Those looking for an easy and affordable way to address visibility issues with their RAV4 navigation screens will find the simplest and most effective solution to the problem with NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film.

Motorcyclists Use NuShield DayVue to Stop Glare on GPS Navigation

Being a motorcyclist is a thrilling ride every single time, allowing for that freedom on the road and whizzing through traffic. However, when motorcyclists need to go on a longer haul with their motorcycle this sometimes warrants some travel gear such as a GPS and unfortunately that sometimes means having glare from sunlight on the GPS screen. This can lead to missed exits on highways and getting lost as well as being highly dangerous for the motorcyclists while they are trying to drive. While most navigation systems come with a type of manufacturer protective film, it rarely if ever helps with natural sunlight glare and is only there to prevent scratches.

Another solution that many motorcyclists use are polarized sunglasses, but these only make looking at a digital screen worse. What can a rider do? There is anti glare for GPS navigation through the NuShield DayVue and it actually works.

What’s the difference?
The DayVue is different in that it utilizes unique technology in the film protector itself to block out natural and man made light that causes the glare on digital screens, making it impossible to look at the screen even when the screen is on the highest settings possible with its back light. This can be very dangerous while driving on the road, which is why this type of protection is necessary for motorcyclists using a GPS during their travels.

The best part about the anti glare for GPS navigation from NuShield? Motorcyclists can still wear their favorite sunglasses when they install DayVue to their navigation systems and the protective film will protect the screen from scratches and reflections. This is because of the light cancelling technology added to the films in blocks, similar to how noise cancelling headphones.

Most competitor films will start to peel off the screen after consistent wear and tear. But most of all, they will leave a residue from the tacky side of the protective film that can ruin the screen and cause even more glare and reflection problems. That means having to replace the entire LCD screen which can cost hundreds of dollars. Instead of having to worry about the anti glare film ruining the screen, all NuShield films and screen protectors use a new type of surface that doesn’t leave residue while still being easy to remove.

No polarized sunglasses required
Ditching those expensive sunglasses with polarized lenses has never been easier because of the anti reflective for GPS navigation technology found in the NuShield DayVue. This is an easy solution for all motorcyclists using a GPS navigation system with an LCD screen or even for their smart devices that are also on the go with them on the road.

There is a solution out there when it comes to combating the glare and reflections on digital screens and it is through NuShield’s anti glare technology that can’t be beat.

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NuShield: The Solution to Repairing a Damaged Plasma TV Screen

NuShield: Say Goodbye to Damaged Plasma TV Screens

Plasma TVs are among the most expensive appliances at your home. The high definition display is the envy of your friends and neighbors. So any damage to the precious plasma screen would nothing short of a catastrophe in many homes. There is no dearth of screen guards and protectors that claim to prevent damages to the screen. But they either fail to prevent damage effectively or compromise the picture quality. But NuShield AG Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector films use advanced technology to save your screen from scratches and damage and also preserve the pristine quality of the TV’s high definition display.

Protect plasma TV and remote controls from mechanical damage

More and more people are buying plasma TVs for their homes. These devices are a treat to your senses, but they are delicate too. The LCD screens are prone to scratches and damages, the risk of which is greatly increased if there are pets and little children in the house. All it takes is a pen in the hand of your toddler or a cat in a particularly foul mood to render irrevocable damage to the plasma TV screen. NuShield manufactures screen protector films which extend the life of the display while preserving the display quality. NuShield also makes protectors for touch screen remote control devices that are often an ancillary feature of ‘Smart’ plasma TVs.

Protect from biological damage

Although this is not a regularly observed phenomenon, sometimes LCD screens show small dots around the edge, especially if your TV is in a humid environment. This is mold or mildew. This can damage the plasma TV screen and no amount of household cleaning agents can remove it without peeling off the LCD screen’s default anti-glare film. In order to prevent this, NuShield Triple A antimicrobial film can be installed on the screen.

Cut the glare

If your plasma TV is placed in a well-lit room, glare and reflection may become a problem and make your high definition display less impressive. In such cases, the NuShield AG Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector would be very helpful. These screens not only reduce unnecessary light reflection off the screen, it also protects the plasma TV screen from chemical harm. It is resistant to alcohols, esters, ketones, hydrocarbons, dilute acids and alkalis and household cleaning agents.

Advanced technology

NuShield employs advanced technology in making of the protective films. The Anti-glare Film have matte surface, which gives a paper-like feel to the screen and reduces reflection off the plasma TV screen. The back of the protective film uses the US patent #7,070,837 anti Newton ring treatment which ensures that optical distortion is negligible. The films do not use adhesives but instead are fit on to the screen by inserting the side wings of the film below the bezel of the device. This mechanical rather than chemical attachment makes sure that the installation is easy and there is no adhesive residue on screen that could form bubbles or damage the screen during removal. The screens are also protected from greasy fingerprints by the NuShield films.

More Information

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Why HDTVs Reflect without an Anti Glare Film for TV

Until recently you were able to purchase television sets with a matte display finish that diffused any glare projected onto the screen.  However, this finish slightly dulls the screen visibility and manufacturers have stopped adding this coating to provide brighter displays. They are also saving production costs, thereby improving their profit.  While the TVs look great in the store under bright lights, many customers have been disappointed when they set up their TV at home and found glare attacking the display from all direction.

Why do television screens reflect images?

HDTV issues with reflected glare
Reflected images on HDTV screen before NuShield Triple A film is applied

Glare can happen in any setting with a television and it makes watching television and reading things off of the screen very hard or impossible to do. It can be glare from either natural or man made light that reflects off of the HD screen. Not only is there glare to worry about and makes viewing very frustrating, but there is also fingerprints that can make it worse.

The NuShield Triple A Screen Protector

HDTV without reflected glare after NuShield Triple A is applied
HDTV without reflected glare after NuShield Triple A is applied

To help combat glare there is an aftermarket solution to this annoying problem. The NuShield film protector line for HD televisions is a customizable, fit to size film that adheres to the television screen and reintroduces the anti glare benefits that eliminate glare as well as protect the screen from fingerprints, smudges, and provides anti-bacterial protection for businesses that use interactive large display monitors in public places.

The anti glare film for TV works similar to a filter. The film is about 0.005 inches thin of plastic and utilizes NuShield’s patented anti-glare technology with one side having a tacky adhesive that won’t leave a mark on the television screen when removed.

This technology is especially useful for shiny LCD screens that tend to have heavy glare during the day with both natural and man made lighting. It’s impossible to see anything on the LCD screen during this time and the television is only usable at night if all the lights are turned off. The NuShield Triple A screen protector completely diminishes the glare and makes the television viewable again all day. And you can watch the screen from all angles without glare.

With its anti-scratch resistance, fingerprint proof technology, and even anti-bacterial coating, this anti glare solution for all HD televisions is a must. Why should someone have to squint to attempt to view the television screen when NuShield has a solution that actually works?

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