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Why HDTVs Reflect without an Anti Glare Film for TV

Until recently you were able to purchase television sets with a matte display finish that diffused any glare projected onto the screen.  However, this finish slightly dulls the screen visibility and manufacturers have stopped adding this coating to provide brighter displays. They are also saving production costs, thereby improving their profit.  While the TVs look great in the store under bright lights, many customers have been disappointed when they set up their TV at home and found glare attacking the display from all direction.

Why do television screens reflect images?

HDTV issues with reflected glare
Reflected images on HDTV screen before NuShield Triple A film is applied

Glare can happen in any setting with a television and it makes watching television and reading things off of the screen very hard or impossible to do. It can be glare from either natural or man made light that reflects off of the HD screen. Not only is there glare to worry about and makes viewing very frustrating, but there is also fingerprints that can make it worse.

The NuShield Triple A Screen Protector

HDTV without reflected glare after NuShield Triple A is applied
HDTV without reflected glare after NuShield Triple A is applied

To help combat glare there is an aftermarket solution to this annoying problem. The NuShield film protector line for HD televisions is a customizable, fit to size film that adheres to the television screen and reintroduces the anti glare benefits that eliminate glare as well as protect the screen from fingerprints, smudges, and provides anti-bacterial protection for businesses that use interactive large display monitors in public places.

The anti glare film for TV works similar to a filter. The film is about 0.005 inches thin of plastic and utilizes NuShield’s patented anti-glare technology with one side having a tacky adhesive that won’t leave a mark on the television screen when removed.

This technology is especially useful for shiny LCD screens that tend to have heavy glare during the day with both natural and man made lighting. It’s impossible to see anything on the LCD screen during this time and the television is only usable at night if all the lights are turned off. The NuShield Triple A screen protector completely diminishes the glare and makes the television viewable again all day. And you can watch the screen from all angles without glare.

With its anti-scratch resistance, fingerprint proof technology, and even anti-bacterial coating, this anti glare solution for all HD televisions is a must. Why should someone have to squint to attempt to view the television screen when NuShield has a solution that actually works?

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