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NuShield: The Solution to Repairing a Damaged Plasma TV Screen

NuShield: Say Goodbye to Damaged Plasma TV Screens

Plasma TVs are among the most expensive appliances at your home. The high definition display is the envy of your friends and neighbors. So any damage to the precious plasma screen would nothing short of a catastrophe in many homes. There is no dearth of screen guards and protectors that claim to prevent damages to the screen. But they either fail to prevent damage effectively or compromise the picture quality. But NuShield AG Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector films use advanced technology to save your screen from scratches and damage and also preserve the pristine quality of the TV’s high definition display.

Protect plasma TV and remote controls from mechanical damage

More and more people are buying plasma TVs for their homes. These devices are a treat to your senses, but they are delicate too. The LCD screens are prone to scratches and damages, the risk of which is greatly increased if there are pets and little children in the house. All it takes is a pen in the hand of your toddler or a cat in a particularly foul mood to render irrevocable damage to the plasma TV screen. NuShield manufactures screen protector films which extend the life of the display while preserving the display quality. NuShield also makes protectors for touch screen remote control devices that are often an ancillary feature of ‘Smart’ plasma TVs.

Protect from biological damage

Although this is not a regularly observed phenomenon, sometimes LCD screens show small dots around the edge, especially if your TV is in a humid environment. This is mold or mildew. This can damage the plasma TV screen and no amount of household cleaning agents can remove it without peeling off the LCD screen’s default anti-glare film. In order to prevent this, NuShield Triple A antimicrobial film can be installed on the screen.

Cut the glare

If your plasma TV is placed in a well-lit room, glare and reflection may become a problem and make your high definition display less impressive. In such cases, the NuShield AG Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector would be very helpful. These screens not only reduce unnecessary light reflection off the screen, it also protects the plasma TV screen from chemical harm. It is resistant to alcohols, esters, ketones, hydrocarbons, dilute acids and alkalis and household cleaning agents.

Advanced technology

NuShield employs advanced technology in making of the protective films. The Anti-glare Film have matte surface, which gives a paper-like feel to the screen and reduces reflection off the plasma TV screen. The back of the protective film uses the US patent #7,070,837 anti Newton ring treatment which ensures that optical distortion is negligible. The films do not use adhesives but instead are fit on to the screen by inserting the side wings of the film below the bezel of the device. This mechanical rather than chemical attachment makes sure that the installation is easy and there is no adhesive residue on screen that could form bubbles or damage the screen during removal. The screens are also protected from greasy fingerprints by the NuShield films.

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