Month: February 2016

Phone Putting You at Risk for the Flu? Unprotected smartphones can carry 18 times bacteria than a toilet flush handle.

Here is something that you may not realize. Your Samsung Galaxy phone, Nexus Android phone, or any smart phone screen can harbor illness causing bacteria like E coli or staphylococci bacteria, among others, which may lead to illness or infection. Most of the time, this type of bacteria on smartphones are caused by regular phone handling, which transfers the infectious agents to the screen. Your smartphone is especially susceptible when other people handle or use it to make calls, surf the Internet – or when your children play games on it. When that happens, contamination can occur on your screen, and after that, it is an easy step to transfer the bacteria on smartphones to your face, mouth or nose, and lead to an illness or infection. Continue reading

How NuShield’s DayVue Helps PGA Pros Analyze Golf Swings

A tablet display without NuShield protection

There’s a science to golf, just like there is to any sport.

And as with most sciences, the discipline of swinging a golf club is one that’s aided by advances in technology. With a camera or a tablet or a Smartphone at the driving range, you have a visual interpretation of your swing.

But those visual aids are only useful as long as you can see the screen. Sunlight reflected off an LCD screen can force golfers and instructors into the shade to review their swings, thus disrupting the lesson.

To combat this problem, the Professional Golf Association of America — commonly known as the PGA  — has turned to NuShield to find a solution that allows tablets, Smartphones, and other mobile computing devices to be better visual teaching tools.

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How NuShield Helps the Staff at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a place that has a combination of attributes: It is both entertaining and important.

With the safety and happiness of many marine mammals, fish, and other sea creatures in the hands of the SeaWorld staff, these professionals require top-of-the-line technology to ensure the facility’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The staffers at SeaWorld employ Microsoft Surface 3 tablets to keep everything on track.  A specialized software tracks the feeding and medicating of the various fish and mammals in the staffers’ care.

But here’s where things get a little tricky: These employees spend a great deal of their workday outside in the Florida sunshine, which often causes substantial glare on their Surface devices. In addition to problems that can be caused by the sun, SeaWorld’s team members obviously spend much of their time around water, and most of that is saltwater.

Saltwater can cause dual damage to unprotected devices: Water itself is, of course, a foe to electronics. And salt can cause corrosion to occur. The graininess of salt can also make it difficult to use and clean these touchscreen tablets.

In search of a remedy to the sun and salt situations, SeaWorld explored the various technologies offered by NuShield. The optimal solution was the DayVue film.

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Why Cruise Ship Technology Needs NuShield Now

If you’ve been working in the cruise ship industry for, say, 10 or 15 years, you’ve almost certainly noticed some changes to cruise ship technology.

Prior to the late 1990s, or perhaps even the early part of the 21st century, for instance, most ship pursers were still keeping the majority of their financial records on actual paper.

A cruise line’s marketing manager spent a good portion of their day working the (land line) phones in those days, long before Facebook or Twitter have even been conceived. A housekeeping administrative assistant carried her marching orders around on a clipboard, not a tablet computer. A shore excursion manager was forced to find a payphone if something went wrong, and a call back to the ship was deemed necessary. Today, they wouldn’t dream of walking onto land without a fully charged smartphone.

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