Month: September 2016

Having Trouble Seeing Your GPS When Wearing Polarized Sunglasses?

If you have problems with glare while driving, the best solution is to wear polarized sunglasses. The lenses are treated with a film that behaves as an absorptive polarizer, which prevents the transmission of light that’s not in sync with other light waves. While the process behind polarization is esoteric, the end result is a reduction of glare.

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Protect Your Eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome with NuShield Triple A Anti-glare Films

Think about all the ways you put your eyes to work during the day. From the first moment you wake up to the last moment before you go to sleep, your eyes are your guide to the world around you. They help you work through the basics—reading the clock when the alarm goes off, checking labels on food you’ll eat for breakfast, knowing when it’s safe to cross a street. And they also help with more complex tasks—reading reports at work, for example, or absorbing a piece of literature that you’re in love with.

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NuShield Films, Not Windex for Auto Repair GPS Displays

Touch screens offer a simple, streamlined interface that lets you control your device with a simple tap or swipe. The vast majority of digital devices on the market today have at least some touchscreen functionality, thanks to how convenient and intuitive the technology is for most users.

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