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NuShield Films, Not Windex for Auto Repair GPS Displays

Touch screens offer a simple, streamlined interface that lets you control your device with a simple tap or swipe. The vast majority of digital devices on the market today have at least some touchscreen functionality, thanks to how convenient and intuitive the technology is for most users.

GPS devices have done a great job of integrating touchscreen functionality. Their screens need to be as large as possible so drivers and passengers can read them, and touchscreens allow hardware designers to eliminate buttons, keyboards and other controls in favor of larger screens.

Keeping Your Screen Clean

However, there’s a problem with most touchscreens: over time, they get grimy. Fingerprints, skin oils, moisture and germs build up on the surface of the touchscreen with repeated use. These smears don’t just make the screen difficult to read: germs breed on your device’s touchscreen, and as you use the device they’re transferred to your fingers. Especially if you share your vehicle with somebody else, your touchscreen GPS is definitely a way to spread germs.

Wiping your screen with a cloth is one way many device owners try to keep their GPS clean. But just like with your countertop, wiping it clean only moves the germs around and smears skin oils and other substances across the screen. It doesn’t actually do anything to kill germs or cut oils.

Some people try to use cleaning chemicals to cut grease and kill germs on their screens. Ammonia-based cleaners like Windex are popular for cleaning the inside windshield and drivers also use it to clean the GPS screen. But don’t reach for that bottle yet! Windex and other harsh cleaners will seriously damage the surface of your delicate screen. It will strip the coating off the display and scratch the screen. You’ll find it harder to read your display and look unsightly. And if your device is scratched its resale value will be permanently lowered.

Avoiding GPS Screen Repairs

Rather than going to your dealer and paying to have a new coating put over the display, try the NuShield solution. Just remove the damaged screen coating using Windex or other ammonia based cleaner and then apply a NuShield protective film. GPS owners have saved thousands of dollars in GPS screen repairs or replacements and the NuShield film will even help you see the display better than before.

Once the coating’s off, apply one of NuShield’s screen protectors to the screen. For most cars we recommend the Triple A film, which eliminates glare and fingerprints and comes with an antimicrobial coating. But if you wear Polarized sunglasses when you drive or if you have a convertible then the DayVue film, is the correct one for you.

Smooth the screen protector over your device’s screen. NuShield sells screen protectors pre-cut to match most devices, so there’s no need to trim the film. Because NuShield screen films are light and thin, you’ll still be able to use the device’s touchscreen functionality — but they’re sturdy enough that your device will be safe from scratches, chips and cracks.

So if you’ve damaged your device’s screen by using harsh chemicals on it, don’t despair. Replace your screen’s coating with a NuShield screen protector and the display will look like new again.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215 500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.