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Having Trouble Seeing Your GPS When Wearing Polarized Sunglasses?

If you have problems with glare while driving, the best solution is to wear polarized sunglasses. The lenses are treated with a film that behaves as an absorptive polarizer, which prevents the transmission of light that’s not in sync with other light waves. While the process behind polarization is esoteric, the end result is a reduction of glare.

However, this same polarizing technology makes some LCD displays difficult to read. Many GPS devices are manufactured incorrectly. When you wear polarized sunglasses, the display is hard to see when viewed straight-on. You’ll have to tilt your head at a 45 degree angle to view your GPS screen, which becomes a considerable annoyance while driving.

There’s a simple solution: A film like NuShield’s DayVue screen protector is polarized in a circular manner and allows the driver to see the display without the dreaded head tilting. The DayVue film is pre-cut for most devices, and installs easily. It’s thin enough so you can use the device’s touchscreen functionality, but sturdy enough that it’ll protect the device from scratches.

Celeste was one GPS user who had trouble seeing her screen in her car. She was using polarized sunglasses and needed a NuShield screen protector to read the screen. Unfortunately, her GPS was manufactured incorrectly and her screen appeared dark even with the NuShield film installed.

She contacted the NuShield team and after running an analysis, NuShield discovered that Celeste’s GPS display had its polarizers set incorrectly.

In most circumstances, NuShield can fix this issue by reorienting the film during the cutting process to a 45 degree angle. In this case, that’s exactly what fixed Celeste’s screen. NuShield sent her a replacement film without charge. In response, Celeste sent us the following email:

“I have to tell you…YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! The new film works 100% better. I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE!!!

I cannot tell you how impressed I am, not only with your film, but with your Customer Service!

Thank you!

OH MY GOSH!!!! This is above and beyond! Thank you SO much!!!!!!

With massive amounts of gratitude,


P.S. WOW!!!”

If your polarized sunglasses and your GPS is interacting poorly, there’s no need to suffer. You can purchase a NuShield DayVue antireflective screen protector film and see the light again. And if you still have an issue, NuShield will work with you to try and fix the problem to your satisfaction.

NuShield currently offers film sizes to fit GPS displays for over 1,000 car models with or without touch screen displays. We also provide a solution if the display coating has been damaged or streaky. Visit the NuShield website and make the change today.