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NuShield Helps to Protect You During Flu Season

We are in the middle of flu season and with the outbreak of the Corona Virus the chances of becoming sick is very high.  Especially when you have to be around large number of people either at work or high volume areas. If you are over 60, have a smaller child or have a medical condition your immune system is already compromised and you are more susceptible to getting sick. Hopefully, you had a flu shot in the Fall so your chances of having a bad case, even if you catch the flu might be somewhat lesser.

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NuShield Helps with Infection Control in Health Care Facilities

One of the greatest concerns in health care facilities is the growth and transference of germs from one patient or visitor to another. Infection pre or post operation can endanger the health of the patient. Visitors can bring in germs to the facility and staff has to be vigilant to make sure that these germs do not reach the patients, if possible.

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How to protect yourself from getting sick in 2019

As the weather gets colder you find yourself participating in more indoor activities which include getting together with strangers in close settings. You also get up close with the germs they are carrying. Foreigners traveling to the U.S. bring their germs with them and the news is full of warnings about outbreaks of diseases. People around you are getting sick. You don’t want their germs winding up on your phone, tablet or other device surface. Especially since many of these devices use touch screen technology. So how do you protect yourself?

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Healthcare Integrators Install NuShield Anti-microbial Screen Protectors to Protect Staff, Patients and Screens

As the healthcare field continues to embrace the technology of touchscreen devices to enhance patient care and make the work environment more efficient, various recent studies have revealed that computer monitors, laptops, tablets and other displays are spreading germs and harboring harmful bacteria. Since individuals use these types of devices throughout the average day, and many of them are shared by multiple doctors, nurses and other professionals, a build-up of fingerprints and contaminants is common. As a result, frequent cleaning is often necessary to prevent streaks, glare, and most importantly- the spread of germs.

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Infection Control Using NuShield at Health Care Facilities

If you walk into a hospital, doctor’s office or emergency care facility you will be surrounded by electronic devices at every step during your visit. Some facilities employ tablets or monitors to register your check in instead of the old paper and pen method. Once you are in an examination room you will find monitors and instruments with LCD displays to provide information to the doctors and nurses caring for you. If you are having a procedure done you will find displays in the surgical suites to monitor your vital signs and in teaching hospitals, televise the operation so students can see the procedure close up. And if you find yourself staying in the hospital you will notice that there are numerous monitors in the room to read out your vital signs and the staff is walking around with electronic tablets and mobile computer carts to review your progress and make notes in your electronic chart.

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Protect EMS Workers and Patients with NuShield Anti-Bacterial Triple A Films

You may believe that places where medical personnel work, like hospitals, ambulances, emergency rooms, or other clinical settings, are pretty much bacteria free. The truth, however, is another matter. Some of the worst bacterial infections come from these places, and no matter how hard anyone tries, coming in contact with a device that has been contaminated, could lead to a nasty bacterial infection. Continue reading

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