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NuShield Teams Up With Microsoft To Help Distribute Covid Vaccine Safely

Microsoft opens its campus in Redmond as a Covid vaccination site.

The company announced that it is partnering with EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center to relocate their vaccine operations to the Microsoft Conference Center at their Redmond campus to reduce congestion at local health care facilities.

Microsoft’s role will be to provide technology, staffing resources, and facility support. Starbucks is also a contributor to the site given their expertise in human-centered design, workflow optimization, and operational efficiency. All vaccines will be administered by third-party healthcare professionals.

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However, Microsoft employees and their families will not receive preferential treatment in receiving vaccination.  Only eligible members of the community will receive vaccinations.

To keep track of operations and services the on-site staff will be using Samsung Galaxy tablets provided by Microsoft.  To ensure that these tablets will be germ-free, Microsoft has turned to NuShield to provide their Triple A anti-bacterial, germ killing screen protector films to be installed on these devices.  NuShield already provides the Triple A film to Microsoft that has been utilized on all their Point of Sales terminals and Starbucks coffee makers around the campus.

This is a unique opportunity for our two companies to work together for the greater public good at one of the most critical times in history. 

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The Triple A screen protector film uses advanced technology in its manufacturing process that kills germs that settle on the surface of the film. The film and the rest of the tablet can be cleaned with virus killing spray on a regular basis without damaging the film or the tablet. The Triple A film also eliminates glare from the surface and hides fingerprints. Yet the film is thin so that the touch function of the device is not compromised.

NuShield provides the Triple A film to hospitals and other healthcare facilities for their electronic devices that utilize LCD displays to kill any germs from populating the screen of the device. These include tablets, phones, monitoring devices, OR and patient room monitors. This same film can be used on any other touch screen display surface to provide the same germ killing protection on your tablet, phone, monitor, car GPS system and even on kitchen appliances. 

NuShield currently offers the film for over 15,000 devices and we work with our customers to create new sizes for their displays without extra charge.  You can take a look to see if we already have a film to cover your display at our website