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Glare Screen Protectors Enhance Flat Panel TVs

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The beautiful large panel TVs that are available today are a very hot trend. Almost everyone desires one to proudly display in their entertainment room, living room, or any room in their home. But these amazing TVs can come with some issues!

Reasons Why Large TVs Need Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

Over the past year, television manufacturers have stopped providing the anti glare matte finish to the display of some TVs to reduce manufacturing cost.  As a result, the display is glossy and reflects everything. Once installed in your home, you may find one of these challenges:

  • Room lighting – the lamps or other lights in the room where the television was installed cause a glare on the screen. Should you move the lights, move the television, or find some other solution?
  • Windows – in the daylight hours sunlight can cause an annoying glare on many of the large panel TV’s. You can choose to watch television in the darkness and cover your windows, or find some way to reduce the glare.
  • Reflections – those shiny flat screens can cause almost a mirror reflection, which can make TV viewing more challenging.
  • Brightness – for some people with sensitive eyes the brightness level for the newer model HDTV’s can be irritating. Some people even consider wearing sunglasses to reduce the brightness.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to help with all of these challenges. The NuShield® AG™ anti glare screen protector and the NuShield Triple A anti glare screen protector are the best solution to these problems. The custom cut NuShield anti glare screen protector film presents a very professional appearance and is easily installed. Immediately you will notice the difference.

NuShield glare screen protector stops w window light reflection The anti glare screen protector technology from NuShield actually enhances the appearance of your television in your room. Outside of the store showroom’s special lighting, your television needs some form of glare protection for the best viewing experience. The NuShield solution diffuses the glare hitting the screen with only a slight reduction in brightness. Reflections are virtually eliminated and glare from lighting or sunlight is minimized. You can relax and enjoy your television regardless of where it is installed in your home or business.

You can get NuShield glare protection for a brand new flat panel television or you can install NuShield on an older model flat panel.  The NuShield AG film can be used on TVs up to 48 inch diagonal and the NuShield Triple A film can be used on TVs up to 80 inch diagonal.  Both anti glare screen protector films are easy to wipe clean and hide fingerprints or smears. The NuShield technology enhances the entertainment value of your home flat screen TVs.

For venues that involve food service, education or healthcare environments, the NuShield Triple A™ anti glare screen protector is the best solution because the film offers an additional antimicrobial coating that prevents bacteria growth, mold and mildew on the film surface. The film can be cleaned with commercial cleaners and chemicals without harming the film, making it suitable for public places.

Before you schedule your next big game viewing on your television, consider installing anti glare protection from NuShield. Your family and guests will have a much better viewing experience. And with the right glare protection product you’ll enjoy easy screen cleanup and maintenance.

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