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Geico planes manuvering

Take In an Airshow This Summer

Airshows are always a great joy to watch, and they make us wonder how the pilots are able to pull off such jaw-dropping stunts. The Geico Skytypers’ crew conducts air shows across the country using 6 vintage WW II aircraft to achieve advanced maneuverability techniques. They combine the flexibility of these aircraft with current advanced navigation systems in order to achieve precise positioning and maneuverability. The challenge is even greater when performing across large water bodies where there are no landmarks to guide with navigation. For a full list of the 2022 air show schedule look here: Air Show Schedule in US.

Pilots of the Geico Skytypers team utilize the NuShield DayVue antireflective films to be able to clearly see the displays on their navigation systems. These protective films help them achieve enhanced visibility and to execute their routines with accuracy that is to the letter. For the Skytypers team, precision is everything. The pilots need to quickly and easily see what is being displayed on their navigation equipment in order to know where to navigate and how to respond to any issues that may arise. The cockpit is fully exposed to the sun at any given time, which causes glare and reflections to be emitted from GPS devices. In addition, the protective equipment such as masks that these pilots wear tends to reduce visibility when viewing navigation devices.

The Geico Skytypers team has found that using the NuShield DayVue films eliminates distractive glares and reflections from navigation devices in their aircraft. These antireflective films are specifically designed to reduce glare from the display of navigation devices. The clarity on the display of the navigation equipment is not affected by the protective film, and pilots can enjoy the protection of the film on both daytime and night flights.

The NuShield DayVue film can be pre-cut to size to fit on many different devices. The films are available for devices that are up to 80 inches in diagonal length. It is also very easy to install because it uses a rubber tacky backing to adhere to the display, as opposed to glue adhesives. The films do not trap air, making it easy to push out air bubbles simply by using a finger.

In addition, the NuShield DayVue films also support many different GPS manufacturers, such as Adventure Pilot, Aviation Safety, and Northstar. With navigation equipment becoming more advanced and making use of tablets and other portable devices, the Geico Skytypers team can use the NuShield protective film as the perfect add-on for preventing glare and reflections from these devices while in the cockpit.

NuShield DayVue Films Save Graduation Pictures from Glare

The months of May and June see multitudes of students graduate all the way from Kindergarten to Graduate School. You have proud parents, siblings, relatives and friends gather for the big event and act like paparazzi around the graduate. This is a very special moment and you don’t want it ruined by glare.

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NuShield Drone Camera Screen Protectors

Fun With Recreational Drones

Formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones might more easily be thought of as flying robots. They can do all sorts of things like race, take aerial photographs, help locate lost pets, retrieve items from rooftops, and much more. If you or a member of your household is searching for a fun new activity or pastime to enjoy, flying drones offers numerous benefits and can provide hours of excitement. The more time you spend practicing operating your drone, the better you’ll become. Drones have many uses, and the list of them is only growing.

Flying drones can be tremendous fun whether you’re tech-savvy or not. If you’re not, you can expect to become more proficient in the skills needed to operate your drone. Of course, there are safety regulations to keep in mind (we’ll explore them in just a bit), but you can legally fly drones to enjoy a wide range of activities. For instance, here are just a few things you can do with your drone:
Recreational Drones

  • View and map your home’s property
  • Take selfies of yourself and your friends to post on social media
  • Get an aerial view of your campsite
  • Capture beautiful footage of natural attractions

Of course, you can do lots of practical things with your drone, such as inspecting your roof and gutters for signs of disrepair or checking for pest infestations.

There’s a strong STEM (stands for science, technology, engineering, and math) aspect to drone flying that can enhance someone’s knowledge of robotics. Today, STEM-proficient workers are in high demand. Learning about drones, operating them, and developing STEM-related skills can provide drone enthusiasts with a wide array of practical uses for complex engineering and robotics theories. Many schools are incorporating drones into their curriculum and school activities. Once you learn to fly your drone, you or your student might join a drone club so that you can enjoy this new pastime with others.

Drones can also be an excellent tool for teaching kids about the responsible operation of these flying robots and safely operating them. People can legally fly drones recreationally, for education, and even for business. However, there are some rules regarding their use that drone operators must familiarize themselves with to fly their drones legally.
Recreational Drones

Although starting a business might be the furthest thing from your mind now, you should be aware that many drone enthusiasts do transform their hobby into a business or side hustle. Some people earn income by using their drones to take aerial views of weddings or special sporting events. A drone can capture views from above that would be impossible to get otherwise. Other drone users earn income by putting their drones to work inspecting everything from residential roofs to wind turbines for signs of disrepair.

Before flying your drone, it’s essential to become aware of the dos and don’ts regarding their use. Not only do you want to keep your drone safe, but you don’t want it to harm anyone or their property because of a mishap. Here, we’ll outline the safety tips that you need to know before you operate your drone.

Some days simply aren’t conducive to drone flights. For instance, it’s not safe to fly your drone on extremely cloudy or foggy days because visibility can be significantly reduced. You should have a clear line of sight when flying your drone, so that means you should avoid flying it behind large trees or buildings that prevent you from monitoring your drone with your own eyes.

In the U.S., you’ll need to register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. Your registration will be good for three years. The FAA also advises recreational drone operators to take the Recreational UAS Safety Test and carry the proof of passing whenever operating the drone. In fact, always carry your drone registration with you when flying your drone and label your drone with its registration number.

Currently, there isn’t a federal mandate to carry drone insurance, but many drone owners are opting to have drone policies to cover their drone’s repair or replacement. Policies may cover drones that are stolen, injure someone, or damage property. Increasingly, courts are seeing more litigation cases involving drones and accidental invasions of privacy. An insurance policy can cover you in the event that you’re sued in association with your drone use.

Many HOAs are adopting rules concerning drone use. Your HOA may feature more rigorous regulations, for instance, than the FCC. Know your HOA’s policy for drone use. Many have privacy clauses that prevent drones from being flown in certain areas.

There are many rules established by the FCC and local HOAs and municipalities regarding the operation of drones. Be sure to learn them and abide by them to not get into any legal hot water. Some standard rules and best practices to keep in mind include:

  • Never operate your drone when drinking or using drugs
  • Fly in an open area
  • Fly at or below 400 feet
  • Never let your drone interfere with emergency services
  • Be aware of local “no-fly” zones
  • Do not fly your drone at night
  • Do not fly over people (without a waiver)

Having Fun with Your Drone

Once you get your drone and begin to navigate its operation, you’ll want to practice getting the hang of it. You might practice hovering at about 5 feet overhead and gradually increasing your height as you develop steering skills. Here, we’ve outlined some fun ways to use your drone:
Recreational Drones

Recreational Drones
  • Creating an obstacle course isn’t just fun; it can boost your navigation skills. Increase the course’s difficulty as you improve your skill sets.
  • If you have some tech-savvy and are motivated to create your own custom drone, you’ll find that this type of project is a cool pastime in itself. Fortunately, there are many kits on the market today. Find one that suits your skillset.
  • If you and your student are getting into drones, you might check with your school’s curriculum about some fun drone activities that support STEM education. For instance, try programming your drone using code or use drones to create aerial maps.
  • Lots of people enjoy operating their drones. Consequently, there’s likely a drone club nearby that hosts drone events like races or other competitions during the warm weather season. Join an online drone club or forum so you can learn about local events near you.
  • Although you’ll find lots of drone clubs and forums online, you may find a club that’s local that you can attend. This is a great way to meet other people who share your enthusiasm for drones. You can share valuable tips and techniques at club meetings and events.
  • A photography hobby is enjoyable, but the amusement takes this pastime to an exciting new level with drones. You can practice aerial photography near your home, when hiking, at the beach, or on vacation. You’ll be able to take photos that you’d never be able to on the ground. Who knows, you might even be able to sell your photographs or create a special online gallery to display them.

Drone Equipment

There are many recreational drones available today, but most typically involve just a few different types. Drones range in price considerably. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars for your drones. Of course, the higher-end models boast greater functionality. Be sure to research each type of drone to understand its capabilities before you invest in a model.

Multi-rotor drones are great options for beginners. They are a good option for aerial photography. These drones are also ideal for hovering. On the other hand, a couple of drawbacks associated with these drones is that they are difficult to control and have a shorter battery time.

Fixed-wing drones look like tiny planes, so it’s not surprising that they’re well-known for their superb aerodynamics. These drones can cover longer distances than many other drones and fly faster than multi-rotor drones. Keep in mind that these drones can also run on gasoline (some models), so you can fly them for longer periods of time than battery-operated drones. However, they do require a runway to launch and are pricier than multi-rotor drones.

Single-Rotor helicopter drones can launch vertically and hover easily, which makes them popular with drone photographers. Keep in mind that the blades make these drones more dangerous, so it’s essential to have experience flying drones before investing in these pricier models.

The latest drone technology to hit the marketplace, fixed-wing hybrid VTOL drones, is popular for commercial use because of its versatile functionality. For instance, they can make deliveries with precision. These drones combine features of other drones for more dynamic operation.

Even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to drones, you can find a beginner’s model at a low price point to try out. Many drone flyers start with an inexpensive device and replace these models with more complex drones as they develop their operational skills and increase their interest in drone flying. Be sure to rely on this guide as you peruse available drones and begin to operate them. Prioritize safety and best practices as you enjoy this pastime by yourself or with family and friends.

One of the greatest issues flying drones is being able to clearly see the display on the controller. The LED display can become invisible when glare from the sun reflects off the surface. And the screen can go dark when looking at the display through polarized sunglasses.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. The DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film from NuShield helps to eliminate glare and works with polarized sunglasses to provide clear visibility of the display. The film was designed for the military on devices used on the battlefield and has proved to be superior to any other film on the market. And the film will protect your display against scratches.

NuShield offers multiple film sizes to fit electronic displays and has numerous manufacturers already displays on its website. And the company will work with you to create a film size to fit your screen without additional cost if they don’t already have it available. The film is easy to apply and lasts a long time on your device. You can find the film size to fit your screen at

Be sure to rely on this guide as you peruse available drones and begin to operate them. Prioritize safety and best practices as you enjoy this pastime by yourself or with family and friends.

Baseball Season Is Back!!

After a negotiation delay by the players and owners, the 2022 baseball season is under way.  The stadiums are packed again with fans again and everything seems normal.

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NuShield Guide to Major Motorcycle Events in 2022

As the weather gets warmer it is time to get that bike out of the garage and start planning touring trips on the weekends. This is especially true in the northern regions where we suffered through a snowy winter. It’s time to get together again with friends and plan weekend outings. If you want to meet up with other riders and make new friends, the website lists the major rallies and bike weeks around the U.S. between now and end of 2022. The organization has close to 43,500 members, photos, blogs, businesses and lists over 44,000 events.

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College Basketball Madness Protected by NuShield

If you are a college basketball fan this is your Super Bowl.  The pinnacle of college basketball with 68 teams competing for the title of National Champions. Added to this excitement is the side story of Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski going for his 6th championship win before he hangs up his clipboard and retires.

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Spring Forward with NuShield

This year March 13 is when Daylight savings time begins which means longer daytime hours. And while the temperatures in many parts of the country are still on the chili side, warmer weather is on its way.  That means we will be spending more time walking, running, playing and driving.

And we will be using our electronic devices outside as well.  But the glare reflecting off the surface of these devices makes it hard to read the displays. And it’s rather important that you can see the display, especially if it’s your handheld device or the GPS in your car.

Today every new car is equipped with an LCD display to help you backup or guide you to your destination.  As the screens became larger and taking up more area on your dashboard you probably noticed the increase in glare that is reflecting off that glass.  

For most car models NuShield recommends the Triple A antiglare screen protector film which will diffuse this glare and hide fingerprints. And when glare goes away, the image gets easier to see with a glance instead of having to look longer and taking your eyes off the road.

As the weather gets warmer and you are out there driving a convertible or riding a motorcycle you will notice that the glare is even more dangerous.  Fortunately, the NuShield DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film was created for these situations to reduce glare and allow you better visibility.  The film, originally made for the U.S. military so that soldiers can read their displays in bright daylight and also while wearing polarized sunglasses, will stand up to the harshest conditions.

Both films are easy to install because they use a tacky adhesive. Any air bubbles can be pushed out easily and if the film is put on crooked, it can be lifted off and the installation can be restarted. The surface can be cleaned easily using a microfiber cloth. 

NuShield currently has film sizes to fit most GPS devices for cars and motorcycles, and the company will work with you to create a new size to fit your display for later models that are not in their database yet.  To enjoy improved visibility, visit the NuShield website to order your film or contact us to have a film cut to size for your device if it is not already listed. Order a NuShield screen protector today. 

Is Blue Light Eye Strain a Myth or Fact?

According to leading ophthalmologists and a recent report from GigaOm’s technology research platform, long-term exposure to blue light after dark can lead to chronic insomnia, and even breast cancer. This blue light however is only given off by devices using Light Emitting Diode (LED). These would include computer monitors, tablets, flat-screen TVs (such as those manufactured by Samsung, Sony, and LG), and OLED TVs with curved screens, including Panasonic, Samsung, and LG.

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NASCAR Races Into The Future

February 6, 2022 will begin the new racing season for NASCAR Cup Series with a special short-track race taking place at the Los Angeles Coliseum in California. The new season will also feature the new Gen 7 car which will feature improved aero and down-force packages while introducing new technologies on the track. This move by officials also helps to lower costs for teams and offers opportunities for other manufacturers to enter into the race.

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Choosing a New Television is More Than a Pretty Picture

It is a new year and manufacturers are introducing new televisions on the market after they sold out their old ones during the holidays. And you might think it is a good idea to update your old set and to purchase a Smart TV that comes pre-packed with streaming services and maybe a larger size with that perfect picture that feels like you are in the middle of the action. But before you step into the store you might want to better understand the differences in technology of the TVs on the market.

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