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NuShield Gets Busy in the Kitchen

There is a new device for your kitchen that can help you stay in touch while cooking the next meal for your family.  General Electric recently introduced the Kitchen Hub touch screen and ventilation combo that fits above your range.

The monitor features a 27-inch color display that runs on Android operation system and has a Google Assistant built in. It has a storage capacity of 32 GB to hold your recipes, play music, watch TV, access the internet and can control your Smart Home from one device. You can access your Google Gmail, and calendar and the Google Assistant works on voice command to look up measurements and recipes.

It has two cameras built in so you can chat with friends while cooking and the other looking down on the range which you can switch to show what you are doing.

And if that was not enough, it also works as the ventilation system to remove vapor or smoke rising up from the pots and pans on the range. The air can be designed for recirculation or external venting.

But this great technology has one great drawback. That is the maintenance of the display screen which can be splashed, touched by sticky fingers and attacked by glare from the lights around the kitchen to ruin you view. 

However, the installation of a NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector film can eliminate all these issues and provide protection for your display. The film is easy to install and clean without harming the monitor or the film.  Nushield also offers this same film for other kitchen appliances such as touch screen displays on ranges and microwaves.

If you are going to install this one-of-a-kind monitor in your kitchen it is a must to protect it with the Nushield film.  NuShield also makes this film in sizes to fit other devices from Smartphones all the way up to large television screens since all these items have glare issues.  Visit our website for more information.