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NuShield DayVue Screen Protector Can Help With Your Golf Swing

As the northern half of the country turns to spring, golfers are starting to head towards the greens. It’s that time of year again to wipe down your bags, sort through your clubs, pick up some balls and head out to the range.

Swing Training

Of course, you can always use some swing training, and one of the ways to go is by getting a swing training app for your phone or tablet. You can download it and just like a golf instructor, it will track every swing you make, show you what you did right and what you did wrong, and even give you tips on what to do better. Your device will become your own personal golfing instructor that you can take to every hole on the course.

Stay Away from the Rough

Using this new training method will help you stay out of the rough.

On the course means out in the sun, and you can’t get around it. The glare from the sun may make it nearly impossible to see the screen and when trying to learn how to swing better glare is the last thing you want to worry about.

You could keep running over to the rough just to be in the shade and see your screen. But the whole idea is to be able to stay where you are, which means out in the sunlight, and evaluate the results. If you can’t do that, it almost defeats the purpose of having a swing learning app in the first place.

The Real World

You can try tipping the device, turning it or yourself around to get out of the sunlight. Doing that dance almost seems more of a hassle than it’s worth, regardless how much the golf swing app may have cost you.

The NuShield Way

The better way to see and use your device is to stay in place so you can analyze and contemplate what the swing analyzer is telling you. And a better way to make sure you can see your screen, without running to shade is with a NuShield DayVue anti-reflective film.

This easy to install film presses right over your display screen, breaking up glare and reflecting it away from your eyes. It even works when you’re wearing polarized sunglasses too! Let’s face it, if you are going to pay for an app to use, you should have a screen that you can see.

NuShield has you Covered

NuShield screen protection films are available in all sizes to fit smart phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and GPS devices. If your device is not already listed on the NuShield website, they will custom fit your screen without extra charge. An easy to install NuShield DayVue screen protector will let you get the most out of your golf swing app, without going into the rough and help to improve your screen vision if not improve your game.

Suggested Golf Training Apps

There are several apps for iOS (iPhones), Android phones, iPads, and tablets available. A few of favorites include:

  • Swing Profile Golf Swing Analyzer & Training Aid
    for iPhones and iPads. This golf app lets you capture and plays back your golf swing handsfree
  • Golf Fix Finder Instructor for iPhones and Android phones provides golf instructor videos from Golf magazine’s top 100 golf instructors. More popular instructions include “How to Straighten Out a Slight Fade;” Driving: Kiss Your Slice Goodbye!” and “Driving: The Easy Way to Add Speed, Power and Yards”
  • Standard iPhone features also let you catch your swing in slow motion using the iPhone 6’s “slow-mo” function. Check out Golf magazine’s article on other iPhone features to assist in your golf game.