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Enjoy a Glare Free Super Bowl

So, you bought a brand-new TV over the holidays or during the January blowout sale.  And after you set it up either inside or on the back patio you are horrified to see that you are seeing more reflection than what is actually happening in the program. You try to adjust the TV viewing angle, but the reflections don’t go away.

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NuShield and Football Make a Great Team

Football season is here again, and stadiums are filled with fans.  If you’re tailgating, you might bring a TV with you to watch the pre-game show or an early game. But when you set up the TV you realized that that shiny screen surface was reflecting everything around you, making it difficult to follow the action.  The problem is the same if you prefer to stay at home and watch the TV outside you are probably seeing everything from your grass to your fence and pool on the screen during the day. 

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Does Your Golf Swing Need a Tune-Up?

The weather is warm, and we hope that you’ve been out on the golf course scoring low numbers. But if your game needs to be tweaked what better way than to talk to your local golf professional who can help you adjust your swing and help shave a couple of strokes off your score.

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Baseball Season Is Back!!

After a negotiation delay by the players and owners, the 2022 baseball season is under way.  The stadiums are packed again with fans again and everything seems normal.

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Hey Sports Parents Do You Find Glare On Your Smartphone A Problem?

Even in this Covid environment sports activities for kids have come back full swing. Between soccer or baseball games, you feel like you spend all your free time chauffeuring your kids from one activity to the next. As much as you love watching your children learn new skills and interact with their teammates, these sports can eat away at your productivity. But you are glad that they get to play once again.

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PGA Pros Find Teaching Easier with NuShield

Spring is in the air and the fairways are green. As the temperature goes up so is the “itch” factor that golfers feel to get out there and play. But before you hit the links, it might be beneficial to head to the practice range to work on your swing and shake off the winter rust with your local PGA Pro.

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Baseball Season to Begin with Caution in 2021

Looks like the 2021 baseball season will be starting a month later than usual if baseball executives have their way.  A proposal is currently on the table that would limit the season to 154 games instead of 160 and expand postseason expansion. So instead of the current April 1 start, opening day would be pushed back to May 1 or later.    

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NASCAR Begins 2021 Racing Season

The 2021 NASCAR Season begins February 9th with the highly competitive Busch Clash at the Daytona Speedway and will have a star-studded lineup of drivers. Interestingly this race will be held on a Tuesday night.

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