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Why Your Military-Grade Laptops Need Mil-Spec Screen Protectors

If you’re at all familiar with the electronic devices used in the field today by various branches of the U.S. military, you’re probably also familiar with the concept of military-grade laptops or military-spec consumer electronic devices.

Military-Grade Laptops and Tablets

The Panasonic Toughbook, for instance, is probably the best-known of the military-grade laptops used by our fighting forces.

Dell makes a particularly rugged notebook computer known as the Latitude E6420 XFR that’s built inside a magnesium-alloy ballistic armor-protected chassis. Continue reading

How NuShield Helps Church LCD Displays Spread the Good Word

As technology continues its expansion into more and more facets of life, churches are increasingly beginning to turn towards it for help in spreading their message. Emails and social media, for instance, help keep the flock in the loop of the church community. Large LCD screens are replacing traditional bulletin boards.

And yet, as churches continue finding new uses for technology, they’re also discovering the problems that technology can introduce.

Consider, for example, a megachurch that uses a collection of digital LCD screens to give parishioners a better view of the pastor. Both natural and artificial light can cause debilitating screen glare, which in turn can easily inhibit the spread of the good word. In fact, that’s almost exactly what happened recently in the North Carolina legislative chamber, where a number of very expensive Sharp digital TV monitors were reduced to little more than mirrors as a result of screen glare.

Fortunately, NuShield was able to help out in that situation. If your church is running into similar problems, we can help fix your situation, too.

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Reduce Glare in the Boardroom with NuShield

You’ve put in hundreds of hours preparing for the big presentation, poring over every detail before heading into the boardroom.

You have the screen ready for the presentation, but when the meeting gets started, you find that sunlight is coming through the windows, making the presentation screen nothing but one big glare.

Closing the blinds or curtains removes some of the glare, but now you have to deal with overhead lights inside the room.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, the time has come to talk with the IT/AV person in charge of the video display.  The NuShield anti-glare screen protector film was created for this type of situation to keep the display visible, even with sunlight pouring in, easy on the eyes and the presentation going smoothly.

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Use Your Phone at the Gym? Here’s One Accessory You Can’t Live Without

Even the most dedicated workout enthusiast runs the risk of facing boredom at the weight rack, or fatigue on the treadmill. That’s why when it comes to renewing focus, there are few better gym buddies than the Smartphone.

You know: The source of your best music playlists and podcasts, not to mention those hilarious YouTube videos that make you snort the sort of laughter that earns you weird looks from the rest of the gym.

Sure, you could tackle those miles on the treadmill (or the endless repetitions of squats) without your phone. But wouldn’t that make the whole workout experience roughly a million times more tedious? Also, it would also prevent you from updating Facebook and Instagram with those motivational selfies.

Or to put it another way: Taking good care of that little rectangle of tech known as your Smartphone screen is super important, especially if you go to the gym on even a semi-frequent basis.

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Hey Sports Parents — We’ve Solved Your Smartphone Glare Problem

Sports parents are busy parents. Between soccer practice and Little League games, you feel like you spend all your free time chauffeuring your kids from one activity to the next. As much as you love watching your children learn new skills and interact with their teammates, baseball practice and soccer games can eat away at your productivity.

Even worse is that while sitting out in the glare of the sun, if you can’t use your Smartphone to return emails, make appointments or play a round of Temple Run, you’ll probably be forced to make small talk with the other sports parents. You might even find yourself roped into yet another book club or sales party.

Fortunately, if you have a NuShield DayVue screen protector with anti-reflective technology on your phone, you’ll be able to use your Smartphone even on sunny days at the field, making tedious practices a heck of a lot more bearable.

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How to Avoid Scratching Your Phone with Long Fingernails

Long fingernails can be beautiful. Many women take great pride in their nails, growing, filing, and polishing them. For many, a manicure is both an indulgence and a fashion statement. With new trends in nail art, longer nails provide a virtual open canvas to display one’s personality.

And yet while long fingernails can come in handy for scratching an itch or opening a package, they can also severely damage your Smartphone or tablet.

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Is Your GPS Navigation System Hard to See in the Sunlight?

It’s the epitome of the American car-lover’s dream: driving down the open highway, sun shining, and the convertible top down. As your hair blows in the breeze, you hear the robotic voice of your GPS navigation system telling you that your exit is coming up. But as you glance at the screen, you realize you can’t see the display in the glare of the sun.

Unmodified photo supplied by customer of Mercedes Benz SL550, with NuShield DayVue film in place on Command Center display.

Gone are the days of struggling with enormous paper maps, or printing out pages of MapQuest directions. In recent years, GPS navigation devices have become the standard method of finding your way to a new destination.

GPS devices can come installed in the dash of your car or purchased after-market. With these systems, you can receive both audio and visual cues, effectively ensuring that you never get lost again.

LCD screens, however, are not always clearly visible in sunlight. Glare can wash out the screen, making graphics hard to see. This is true in every car (especially those with a sunroof), and worse in an open-topped convertible where there is no way to escape the bright light of the sun. Polarized sunglasses make the screen even less visible.

It’s certainly worth pointing out that distracted driving, such as squinting at and adjusting your GPS screen, puts you at a three times higher risk of getting in an accident. Does that mean you need to sacrifice your open-topped drive for safety’s sake?

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Use Handwriting Apps? NuShield Can Protect Your Screen.

Doctors, delivery men, artists, retail employees: No matter what your profession—and regardless of whether your work takes place in a white-collar office setting or a more labor-intensive blue-collar environment—you probably know full well how deeply touchscreen technology has changed the way we work today—not to mention the speed at which we’re able to do it.

Over the past five years or so, the touchscreens that are built into tablets, smartphones, and even retail point of sale (POS) systems have rapidly become a permanent part of how humans interact with computers. And along with those advances in computing hardware have come a slew of fantastically useful mobile applications that allow users to draw or write directly onto the screens of their mobile devices.

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NuShield Extends the Life of Your Mobile POS System

If you’re the owner of a small retail or food services business, you might not have the capital that’s required to invest in a full-service, advanced point of sale (POS) system. The necessary hardware alone can easily run upwards of $3,000.

That’s why so many of today’s small business owners are using tablets and other low-cost mobile POS systems in place of a traditional cash register. Many cost-conscious businesses are even using smartphones to process customers’ credit and debit card payments.

But even though tablet computers and mobile POS systems are less expensive than traditional set-ups, they still represent a very significant investment. And if you’re like most small business operators, you probably take great care to get the most out of your digital investments by employing the best accessories. NuShield screen protectors are an especially smart and inexpensive way to get a bigger return on your investment in mobile POS technology.

Here are just a few of the benefits NuShield screen protectors offer:

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Why a Smartphone Case or Tablet Cover Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Device

According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the most common repair made to damaged smartphones and tablets is screen repair. Screens are most susceptible to scratches, cracks, breaks and discoloration when they’re exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

And yet while most smartphone and tablet owners do invest in protective cases that protect their devices from falls or accidents, the majority of those cases don’t come with appropriate screen protection.

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