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Reduce Glare in the Boardroom with NuShield

You’ve put in hundreds of hours preparing for the big presentation, poring over every detail before heading into the boardroom.

You have the screen ready for the presentation, but when the meeting gets started, you find that sunlight is coming through the windows, making the presentation screen nothing but one big glare.

Closing the blinds or curtains removes some of the glare, but now you have to deal with overhead lights inside the room.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, the time has come to talk with the IT/AV person in charge of the video display.  The NuShield anti-glare screen protector film was created for this type of situation to keep the display visible, even with sunlight pouring in, easy on the eyes and the presentation going smoothly.

NuShield Keeps Glare Out of Your Meetings

NuShield’s Triple A anti-glare film is your best option for reducing glare on large television screens or computer monitors. And the film will work with laser pointers, both green and red. The NuShield film is easily applied to large displays up to 80 inch diagonal, all the way down to tablets and Smartphones.

The film uses a low-tack silicone rubber-based adhesive to grip the screen surface. The antiglare feature diffuses glare from overhead lights or light coming in through the windows and allows users to clearly read the display indoors. The antiglare property also prevents the transmission or reflection of 99% UVB ultra violet light from reaching the user’s eyes. The film installs easily in minutes and can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue behind.

Triple A is also equipped with an antimicrobial coating that reduces germs, thus making it a good choice for TVs and monitors with touch screen technology used by multiple people in public areas. The film can be cleaned with disinfectants and solvents while the antimicrobial property remains to continually inhibit the growth of germs on the film surface.

NuShield currently supports over 12,000 different devices with an LCD, LED or plasma display. NuShield can also create new film sizes to fit your device without extra cost if we don’t already list it on our website. You can learn more about the Triple A and DayVue films or if you are ready, purchase our product to provide protection for your devices.