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Why You Need NuShield, Even With a High-End Cell Phone Case

Whether you use a Smartphone, a tablet or an e-reader, there’s a pretty good chance that if you’re like most Americans, you spend a lot of time on your mobile device. You use it in so many conditions: cold weather and warm weather; indoors and out-of-doors.

And yet while the technology of these devices continues to develop at a mind-boggling pace, and with an increasing number of features and applications launched seemingly every other day, one thing seems to remain the same: screen glare. The inability to clearly see your screen, that is, as a result of the reflection of sun light or artificial light.

Of course, there are other seemingly insurmountable problems where mobile devices are concerned: smudges, scratches, and dirt, to name just a few. There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than trying to read an important text message or email while you’re outdoors, and being unable to see it because of glare or a smudged screen.

Scratches are another big problem. Not only do they hamper your view of the screen, but they also prevent you from potentially selling your phone back to your carrier of choice when you upgrade, a move that can save you money on your next device.

And if you read on your tablet? Glare, in that instance, becomes an even bigger issue. Meanwhile, forget about reading outdoors, or even near a window. It’s not happening!

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This Holiday Season, Give Your Mobile Device the Gift of Safety and Security

Show us a friend or family member who genuinely does not want to get a new Smartphone or tablet this holiday season, and we’ll show you someone who probably isn’t being honest about their holiday wish list.

Not everyone has fallen victim to the hypnotic sway of the digital and mobile revolution. But as the years pass and mobile computing devices become more and more convenient, those people are becoming harder and harder to find.

Indeed, the look on a family member’s face as they unwrap a new Android Nexus or an iPhone 6 is truly a welcome sight to behold. Because not only do these devices provide endless hours of fun and distraction—they’ve also become practically indispensable for everyday living.

But there’s another facial expression common to all owners of mobile devices that isn’t quite so joyous at all. Nearly all of us have experienced it. It’s the look on a device owner’s face when that new phone, for instance, becomes unexpectedly damaged. You can be almost certain that somewhere in the world, at this very moment, a Smartphone is being dropped and a screen is being irreparably scratched.

If you want to avoid that experience with your own devices, or with the devices you’ll be buying loved ones this season, there’s a way to do so that is both foolproof and almost surprisingly affordable. It exists in the form of a simple NuShield screen protector, which comes with the added benefit of reducing screen glare, keeping that screen free of fingerprints and other smudges, and nearly eliminating the bacteria that is almost certainly present on the Smartphone that’s sitting in your purse or pants pocket right now. But more about that in a minute.

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Is Your Computer Screen Ruining Your Health?

How you can protect yourself from headaches caused by the blue light emitted from your LED monitor

If you’re someone whose job involves sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day and staring into its monitor, you’ve probably read an article or two — or perhaps seen a news report, or maybe even had a conversation — about the negative effect that blue light emanating from screens can have on our eyesight, and even on our overall health.

According to leading ophthalmologists, the problem is largely a result of continuous, long-term exposure to the light produced not only by computer monitors, but also from tablets, flat-screen LED TVs (such as those manufactured by Samsung, Sony, and LG), and OLED TVs with curved screens, including the very newest models from Panasonic, Samsung, and LG. A report from GigaOm’s technology research platform, meanwhile, revealed that long-term exposure to blue light after dark can lead to chronic insomnia, and even breast cancer.

“Being in the presence of light at night disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythms by suppressing the production of [the sleep hormone known as] melatonin,” according to the report’s author. “But melatonin does far more than help us get sleepy — it’s also an antioxidant that appears to play a pivotal role in slowing the progression of cancer and other diseases.”

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Use Your Phone at the Gym? Here’s One Accessory You Can’t Live Without

Even the most dedicated workout enthusiast runs the risk of facing boredom at the weight rack, or fatigue on the treadmill. That’s why when it comes to renewing focus, there are few better gym buddies than the Smartphone.

You know: The source of your best music playlists and podcasts, not to mention those hilarious YouTube videos that make you snort the sort of laughter that earns you weird looks from the rest of the gym.

Sure, you could tackle those miles on the treadmill (or the endless repetitions of squats) without your phone. But wouldn’t that make the whole workout experience roughly a million times more tedious? Also, it would also prevent you from updating Facebook and Instagram with those motivational selfies.

Or to put it another way: Taking good care of that little rectangle of tech known as your Smartphone screen is super important, especially if you go to the gym on even a semi-frequent basis.

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How to Protect Your iPhone If You’re Addicted to Apple Pay

The Apple iPhone is always on the cutting edge of Smartphone technology. With Apple’s new Apple Pay system, you can leave your wallet at home and use your phone to make secure payments at stores with just one touch of a button.

With this additional convenient feature, you’ll find yourself reaching for your iPhone even more often—but at what cost? Protecting your screen is more important than ever, and NuShield is ready to help.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay works by digitizing your credit information and securely communicating it to sensors at participating retailers. Rather than shuffling through credit cards in your wallet, you simply need to put your iPhone near the sensor, and then press the button to confirm the payment. You don’t even have to unlock your phone’s screen! The NFC (near field communication) antenna ensures you never have to actually touch the sensor.

In a world where identity theft is rampant, protection is key. Apple Pay ensures secure payments by creating device- and transaction-specific codes that are shared with the merchant to make the transaction. Your actual credit card information is never shared, so your identity is protected. Your information is kept completely private. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can easily disable it, so no one can use your phone to make Apple Pay payments.

But who’s protecting your phone?

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Hey Sports Parents — We’ve Solved Your Smartphone Glare Problem

Sports parents are busy parents. Between soccer practice and Little League games, you feel like you spend all your free time chauffeuring your kids from one activity to the next. As much as you love watching your children learn new skills and interact with their teammates, baseball practice and soccer games can eat away at your productivity.

Even worse is that while sitting out in the glare of the sun, if you can’t use your Smartphone to return emails, make appointments or play a round of Temple Run, you’ll probably be forced to make small talk with the other sports parents. You might even find yourself roped into yet another book club or sales party.

Fortunately, if you have a NuShield DayVue screen protector with anti-reflective technology on your phone, you’ll be able to use your Smartphone even on sunny days at the field, making tedious practices a heck of a lot more bearable.

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How to Avoid Scratching Your Phone with Long Fingernails

Long fingernails can be beautiful. Many women take great pride in their nails, growing, filing, and polishing them. For many, a manicure is both an indulgence and a fashion statement. With new trends in nail art, longer nails provide a virtual open canvas to display one’s personality.

And yet while long fingernails can come in handy for scratching an itch or opening a package, they can also severely damage your Smartphone or tablet.

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How Instagram Superstars Can Extend the Life of their Smartphones

A beautiful sunset. Your carefully plated homemade dinner. Your child’s first steps. And of course, a few selfies.

There are so many picture-perfect moments in life, and you want to capture them all. Why? Because you’re an Instagram superstar.

But having your Smartphone or tablet always on-hand and ready to capture pictures can come at a price. Broken, cracked and scratched screens can mean an end to your photo stream. They’re also expensive to replace or repair.

The frequent swiping required to capture and share the perfect photo also leaves your screen covered with germy fingerprints, creating a haze over the entire screen. NuShield screen protectors, however, can protect and extend the life of your Smartphone while providing unparalleled glare reduction.

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Why a Smartphone Case or Tablet Cover Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Device

According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the most common repair made to damaged smartphones and tablets is screen repair. Screens are most susceptible to scratches, cracks, breaks and discoloration when they’re exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

And yet while most smartphone and tablet owners do invest in protective cases that protect their devices from falls or accidents, the majority of those cases don’t come with appropriate screen protection.

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How to Protect Your Smartphone Screen at the Grocery Store

Remember the good old days when the grocery list was stuck to the refrigerator (probably with a magnet), and everyone simply wrote down what they needed?

Of course, when you needed to go shopping you had to actually remember to bring the list with you.

Or you had to make an extra trip home to get the list. Or maybe you just went off the store without it.

Times Have Changed

Nowadays, grocery lists can be kept on smartphones, which pretty much eliminates the problem of forgetting your food list altogether. What’s more, there are literally hundreds of apps available that can help you significantly improve your shopping experience.

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