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Hey, Crafters! Here’s How to Keep Your DIY Cricut Cutting Machine Going Stronger for Longer

The DIY crafting movement certainly isn’t anything new. From independently published magazines like ReadyMade, which launched back in 2001, to mainstream do-it-yourself media icons like Martha Stewart, who has been teaching Americans to flex their crafting muscles for decades, home crafting has gone from being a near-necessity, to a trend, to an incredibly popular activity that people of all ages and nearly all interests seem to be taking part in these days. Continue reading

Why All Offices Should Take Advantage of NuShield’s Antimicrobial Protection

Sharing ideas at the office? Good. Sharing your cold? Not so good. NuShield can help with that.

Every company has experienced the dreaded “office cold.” This is the malady that creeps from cubicle to cubicle, spreading germs and illness far and wide, and destroying any semblance of productivity.

When the outbreak initially occurs, coworkers try to limit its spread by keeping hand sanitizer on their desks, covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough, and spraying desktop phones with rubbing alcohol. Some of us become downright anti-social in our efforts to avoid the office plague.

While these are all laudable efforts, they don’t often seem to stop the work killing-illness whatsoever. Which begs the question: What if there was a solution so simple that office workers wouldn’t even have to think about it? Well, as it happens … there is.

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Reduce Glare on Your Outdoor TV with NuShield

With a protective NuShield film, glare on your outdoor TV is a thing of the past.

Today’s TVs are thinner than ever, bigger than ever, and able to produce the most amazing pictures. What’s more, having a big TV outside lets you watch your sports or favorite show from the pool, deck or inside your screen porch.

These magnificent flat-screens, however, have one major shortcoming: the glare. This is caused by the UHD TV’s glossy display, which has a tendency to reflect light. In order to create the Ultra High Definition image on today’s TV, manufacturers cannot use the anti-glare matte finish coating that used to diminish reflective glare.

If the TV is in your home, you could simply use blinds or blackout curtains to eliminate the glare during the day. But when you go outside, your TV is practically converted into an expensive mirror that reflects its surroundings.

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LC Technologies Teams Up With NuShield to Take Eye-Tracking Technology on Tablets to the Next Level

Without NuShield film, this Asus tablet’s reflection is so strong it practically acts as a mirror.

Even though the incredibly advanced technological work they do on a daily basis has literally been changing the lives of disabled people for nearly three decades now, the Fairfax, Va.-based LC Technologies, Inc. is not the sort of tech firm most digital natives are intimately familiar with.

The company doesn’t build addictive mobile apps or social media platforms, and neither their president nor their software engineer is regularly praised in the pages of the popular business press.

But thanks to a recent collaboration between the company and NuShield, LC Technologies may soon find itself receiving the sort of positive accolades its important work has long warranted.

With NuShield’s film installed, the tablet’s glare is completely removed, allowing the eye-tracking software to work as it was intended.

So, what exactly does LC Technologies do? The science behind their work, perhaps not surprisingly, is rather complicated. But explaining the work they produce and the effect is has on the patients who use it is fairly simple.

To put it plainly, LC Technologies develops eye-tracking software, which is exactly what it sounds like: computer software that tracks the eye movements of its users. It makes the process of communication and computer usage—crucial activities that the vast majority of us take for granted—a reality for disabled patients who can’t communicate through speech, or even through hand motions.

For the most part, the patients who take advantage of LC Technologies’ software, which is known as Eyegaze Edge, suffer from brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and brainstem and spinal cord injuries. Some even suffer from spinal muscular atrophy and ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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How Instagram Superstars Can Extend the Life of their Smartphones

A beautiful sunset. Your carefully plated homemade dinner. Your child’s first steps. And of course, a few selfies.

There are so many picture-perfect moments in life, and you want to capture them all. Why? Because you’re an Instagram superstar.

But having your Smartphone or tablet always on-hand and ready to capture pictures can come at a price. Broken, cracked and scratched screens can mean an end to your photo stream. They’re also expensive to replace or repair.

The frequent swiping required to capture and share the perfect photo also leaves your screen covered with germy fingerprints, creating a haze over the entire screen. NuShield screen protectors, however, can protect and extend the life of your Smartphone while providing unparalleled glare reduction.

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Why a Smartphone Case or Tablet Cover Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Device

According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the most common repair made to damaged smartphones and tablets is screen repair. Screens are most susceptible to scratches, cracks, breaks and discoloration when they’re exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

And yet while most smartphone and tablet owners do invest in protective cases that protect their devices from falls or accidents, the majority of those cases don’t come with appropriate screen protection.

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How to Protect Your In-Car GPS Navigation System

The experience of driving down unfamiliar roads and highways suddenly became a whole lot simpler in the mid-2000s, which was roughly when in-car GPS navigation devices began catching on en masse. Almost overnight, the days of pulling onto the shoulder to wrestle with an enormous paper map were over.

In fact, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of navigation consoles, even MapQuest and similar map-based websites have lately begun falling out of favor. Indeed, a vehicle without an LCD display command center today is practically considered suspect.

Your In-Car Navigation System Has a Potentially Expensive and Dangerous Downside
Navigation displays inside the 2014 BMW i3

There is a downside, however, to having GPS navigation displays installed in just about every motor vehicle on the market today: The graphics on the displays can occasionally be very hard to see.

On some screens, excessive glare from the sun can nearly drown out any text or graphics, which can potentially be very dangerous. And there’s definitely nothing safe about squinting at your GPS display while you’re supposed to be concentrating on the road.

That’s not all: Drivers who wear glare-reducing polarized sunglasses while they’re behind the wheel frequently complain about the difficulty of reading their navigation display screens. Polarized sunglasses have become increasing popular over the past few years, and for good reason: they do a great job of reducing the sun’s reflected glare. Still, it’s a known fact that polarized lenses significantly reduce the visibility of images produced by LCD or LED displays. (Your in-car navigation system almost certainly has an LCD display.)

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