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Searching for Treasure at the Beach

As summer rolls around and beaches are reopening treasure hunters are getting ready to “hit the beach” with their metal detectors. So much metal objects can be found in the sand if you know how to look for it. There are several companies selling metal detector devices, but which is the best?

metal detectors on the beach It all depends on what you are looking for.   There are detectors for jewelry, coins, gold, minerals, or relics. And there are different types depending on whether you are near saltwater or freshwater. So how do you make heads or tails and unwind the confusion?

Luckily, the folks at Kellyco Metal Detectors did the work for you. They wrote an exhaustive article about the different detectors on the market and which one is best for different types of circumstances. You can find their article by Clicking Here.

One of the major issues you will find, no matter which metal detector you buy is that the display screen gets washed out by the sun. And there is no place to hide. Even if you wear sunglasses, the image will not be clear or visible. So what is the solution?

Over ten years ago NuShield created the DayVue anti-reflective screen protector overlay film for the military to allow troops in Iraq and Afghanistan read their display screens on tablets and laptops in areas where there is no shade. And the film had to work while the user was wearing polarized sunglasses. This has been a success and the military has been using this film in various devices deployed with the troops since then.

And this film is also available to you. The DayVue film can be used on metal detector device screens to allow the user to read the display, even while wearing polarized sunglasses. This film is also used on GPS devices on motorcycles and cars where you cannot hide from sunlight.

The film is easy to install and many times comes precut to the size of your display. NuShield currently has measurements for many detectors and we constantly add more sizes to our database. Look for your model here. If your model is not on our list, just provide us with the width and height measurement of your display and NuShield will create a film to fit your device. For more information, click here.