Month: July 2016

How to Reduce Reflections to Improve TV Viewing on Porches

There’s no need to stay cooped up inside while you watch TV. To get a breath of fresh air, many people are putting their TV on their porch. It’s nice to sit outside on a porch or outdoor room in the evening and catch up on your favorite shows while the fireflies come out. Or set up your TV and watch the big game on a Sunday afternoon with your friends, where you can enjoy the sunshine and the warm breeze.

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Protect iPad Resale Values, Tablet Resale Values with NuShield

Many consumers don’t know what their devices are worth. When you get a new smartphone, for instance, your phone provider typically distributes the cost of the device into your plan, hiding how much you’re actually paying. Plus, many people seem to think devices are like cars: they depreciate in value from the minute you get them. But that’s not true.

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