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Popular Outdoor Dining Can Challenge Servers with Reflections on POS systems

Restaurants large and small are adopting an exciting new technology: wireless points of sale (POS). Wireless POS systems are either a tablet or other mobile device that allows cashiers and servers to take payment, and relay orders to the kitchen, from a customer’s table.

Simplifying a Busy Job


Waiting tables is a notoriously busy and high-stress job, that involves a lot of time on your feet. Wait staff need to write down orders, keep track of them, head back to the kitchen or a stationary terminal to deliver them and then bring out food — all while checking periodically to make sure customers are well.

It’s no wonder that so many restaurants have high turnover among their wait staff. A wireless POS system, such as TouchBistro, Boxy POS, BIM POS, ShopKeep, or eZeeBurrp, makes employees’ lives easier by relaying orders directly to the kitchen, as they’re taken from the table. All a restaurant needs is a WiFi network throughout its building, and communication between the kitchen and the front of the house is easy.

Slimming Business Budgets

Some restaurants take this simplification a step further. Several restaurants have installed menu apps on tablets or other mobile devices, and leave these at the table. Rather than giving their orders to servers, customers enter their order into the app, tap “send”, and relay the order to the kitchen. The server then brings out the food later, and checks on the customers as normal during the meal.

Boxy POS

Many restaurants spend large portions of their budget on employee wages. By eliminating a portion of the work that servers do, they can afford to keep on fewer servers, cutting costs and keeping their business afloat in a dicey economy. Plus, since the employees they do have are likely to stay on longer, restaurants will spend less time and money recruiting and training up new employees. Even though a mobile device for each table is a substantial investment at first, the wireless POS system pays for itself in the long run.

Solutions for Outdoor Glare

Touch Bistro POS

But there’s a problem with most wireless POS devices’ screens: they reflect the light back into the user’s eyes, in the form of glare. This is inconvenient indoors, but on a beautiful patio on a sunny day, this can render the device nearly unusable. Wait staff and customers will be frustrated by painful light reflecting into their eyes.

But there’s a simple solution. By installing a screen protector such as NuShield’s Triple A or DayVue film on your wireless POS’ device, you’ll protect the eyes of your staff and your customers from glare. Your wireless POS will also be protected against scratches, scrapes, drops and cracks during a busy workday.

NuShield Screen Protectors

eZee Burrp! POS

Both the DayVue and Triple A screen protectors come pre-cut in a variety of sizes, so it’ll fit perfectly to your wireless POS device. Just peel it off the protecting, then smooth it over your screen. It’ll stay firmly affixed, but you can peel it off whenever you need. And because it’s such a thin film, your wireless POS device will retain all its touchscreen functionality.

The DayVue film works in direct sunlight outdoors while the Triple A film is best indoors or in shaded areas like under umbrellas. The Triple A film also has an anti-bacterial feature which kills germs on the film surface, preventing germs to pass between users.

Protecting these expensive POS devices, the wait staff and the customer is easy with NuShield. As more restaurants employ these POS devices, the need for NuShield films becomes even greater.

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