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Rio 2016: The Olympics are better with NuShield screen protected cameras, phones, and ticket scanners

The 2016 Summer Olympics are less than a month away. People from around the world will be flying into Rio de Janeiro for the chance to see world-class athletes compete across over 300 events. Sports fans and reporters are gearing up for just over two weeks solid of sports.

There’s nothing quite like watching the Olympics live. It’s stunning enough to tune in on TV to watch one of the world’s most skilled divers tumble through the air and cut through the water, or to see a field of track stars racing toward the finish with impossible speed agility. But to see it in person is, for many people, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, brimming with excitement. The Summer Olympics transform cities into parties celebrating top-notch sportsmanship, and fans are ready to record every moment, to watch over and over again. Before you go be sure to take a look at the visitor information provided by the Department of State for guidance on traveling to Brazil for the Olympics.

Sunny Days and Plenty of Glare

The 2016 Summer Olympics are actually taking place during Rio’s winter — but most fans won’t be able to tell. Rio’s position near the equator means it gets plenty of bright sun all year round. This makes for beautiful weather, but it makes using electronic devices a problem.

When you look at the average screen, in addition to sending its own light back into your eyes, it also reflects light from the sun and other ambient light sources. The resulting glare can make it hard to see the screen of your camera, phone or other device, and over a long day at the track or by the pool it can create eyestrain and headaches. So make sure that you pack atleast two pairs of sunglasses and wear one when you are outside having fun.

Screen Protected Cameras

The best way to cut down on glare from your camera or smartphone’s screen is to apply a screen protector. There are many on the market, but they are not treated to eliminate glare outdoors. A screen protector like the NuShield DayVue applies easily to the screen of your camera, phone, tablet or laptop: just peel off its backing, then smooth it onto the screen. If you ever want to remove the film, just peel it off your screen.

DayVue film allows your screen’s light to travel through it, but you won’t see a change in your display, even if you’re wearing sunglasses. Screen protected cameras are also safer from drops, cracks, scratches and other damage to the screen, so you won’t have to worry about getting jostled by excited fans. And because the film is so thin, you’ll still be able to use your screen protected cameras’ touchscreen.

Picture Perfect

When you’re photographing athletics, every second counts. With screen protected cameras, you won’t have to squint and strain to see your shot. Get up close and line up pictures of world-class athletics with perfect clarity. You’ll snap great pictures in comfort, without painful glare from the sun. DayVue screen protectors are perfect for helping you focus on what counts.

When you buy your NuShield DayVue screen protector film online, it’ll come with everything you need to apply it. NuShield sells screen protectors pre-cut for many device brands and models, but if you can’t find your camera’s model, measure the width and height of the LCD screen area and use the Contact Us form on the NuShield website to send in your information. We’ll cut the film to the exact dimensions of your device’s screen without extra charge.