Month: September 2017

Better Vacation Photos with NuShield DayVue Screen Protectors

As you enjoy your vacation in the outdoors, pictures to remember every special moment is important for the entire family. Taking pictures in the sun can, however, be challenging in various aspects. Most camera displays reflect sunlight off the screen and onto your eyes, reducing visibility and your ability to take clear photos. These LCD screens also reflect the image of the person holding the camera, making it difficult to see the pictures that you’re taking.

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Use NuShield Triple-A Screen Protector Film To Improve Screen Visibility on Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Displays and Protect against Bacteria and Germs

As restaurants take advantage of technology and work toward better order processing efficiency, the use of traditional paper order forms and cash registers is slowly phased out. Say hello to Point of Sale (POS) systems. With POS systems, servers can take more orders, make less mistakes and speed up the order to table food delivery process.

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