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Better Vacation Photos with NuShield DayVue Screen Protectors

As you enjoy your vacation in the outdoors, pictures to remember every special moment is important for the entire family. Taking pictures in the sun can, however, be challenging in various aspects. Most camera displays reflect sunlight off the screen and onto your eyes, reducing visibility and your ability to take clear photos. These LCD screens also reflect the image of the person holding the camera, making it difficult to see the pictures that you’re taking.

In order to make it easier to take better vacation photos outdoors, it is necessary to equip your camera with a screen protector that reduces reflections, provides greater clarity and is viewable even with polarized sunglasses. The NuShield DayVue screen protector does all this and help you capture your wonderful vacation scenes while outdoors.

NuShield DayVue Antireflective film reduces glare from the sun

Cameras with LCD screens have the common problem of reflecting the sun’s glare and reducing the visibility of the device. The NuShield DayVue screen protector contains an anti-reflective coating that reduces reflections given off by the camera’s screen onto your eyes. This anti-reflective film cancels out reflected light as it allows transmitted light to go through.

You can therefore properly frame and capture your beloved photos, while clearly seeing what is on the display of the camera.

Visibility with Polarized Sunglasses

Under normal circumstances, trying to view your LCD display with sunglasses can be particularly challenging. The DayVue screen protector consists of top layers that have carefully selected indexes of refraction. This mechanism reduces the blue end of the spectrum, allowing the visibility of your screen even with polarized sunglasses.

This capability can make it much easier for you to take better pictures because you can protect your eyes from the rays of the sun while still maintaining clear visibility of your camera’s display.

Take better photos in Direct Sunlight

While out in the sun, your camera’s LCD screen can reflect images in a mirror-like manner. This can significantly reduce your ability to take good photos, and many memorable pictures will end up being taken in poor quality.

Thanks to the NuShield DayVue screen protector, you can make your photos appear sharper and focused. The anti-reflective coating of the screen protector reduces blurry reflections and displays sharper images when using your camera. You no longer have to constantly adjust your device and hold it in unnatural positions in order to capture the breathtaking scenery.

Protection from scratches

The NuShield DayVue screen protector uses a durable plastic material to offer superior resistance to scratches. You can thus enjoy better flexibility with your camera, slipping it in and out of your pocket without worrying about damaging the display.

The screen protector also does not leave adhesive residues on the display when removed and adheres to your camera screen using a low-tack adhesive.

The NuShield DayVue screen protector is available for all cameras on the market. Our 4.3″ Cut to Fit Kit comes with two films, cleaning material and instructions to help you cut the film and install it for your particular display.

Order your DayVue screen protector here and be prepared to take excellent vacation photos!