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Use NuShield Triple-A Screen Protector Film To Improve Screen Visibility on Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Displays and Protect against Bacteria and Germs

As restaurants take advantage of technology and work toward better order processing efficiency, the use of traditional paper order forms and cash registers is slowly phased out. Say hello to Point of Sale (POS) systems. With POS systems, servers can take more orders, make less mistakes and speed up the order to table food delivery process.

As restaurants look to install POS systems, they should keep in mind the visibility of the devices in various locations, as well as the need for protection against bacteria and germs. Adding the NuShield Triple-A film to any POS system offers screen protection against germs as well as the improved visibility of the screens.

Advantages of POS Systems

POS systems are revolutionizing how restaurants do business. In fact, 52% of restaurants say mobile POS capabilities will influence their next upgrade in 2017 (according to the Hospitality Technology 2017 POS Software Trends Report). POS systems provide advantages such as:

  • Giving servers the flexibility of completing transactions from anywhere in the restaurant
  • Servers can attend to more customers and in a shorter amount of time
  • Increased sales and higher customer satisfaction due to the increased number of customers being served
  • Workload is better distributed among employees
  • Errors in taking and processing orders are greatly reduced

With the increased use of POS systems, unique challenges begin to arise. Visibility is reduced in sunlight outdoors and the question of hygiene also comes into play.

How NuShield Anti-microbial Films can Help

For the more than 183 mobile POS systems available today, only the NuShield Triple-A film can be sized to fit any screen.

The film eliminates glare and improves visibility. Users are able to view the screen regardless of where it is positioned in the restaurant and the lighting that surrounds it.

The Triple-A film has anti-microbial properties that kills germs on the film surface caused by multiple people using the device. This reduces the chance of passing on germs between users and ultimately, customers.

No more Dirt and Scratches

The matte finish provides anti-glare properties and is also resistant to scratches. It hides fingerprints and can easily be cleaned.

Easy Installation

The film has a slight tacky backing to make installation simple and it stays in place for an extended period.

Order your Anti-microbial Triple-A Screen Protector

You are probably itching to get your hands on these awesome screen protectors. Not to worry, the ordering process is quick and easy. Just follow these 5 simple steps and your NuShield Anti-microbial Triple-A screen protectors will be on their way to your doorstep in no time.

If you don’t find your system’s manufacturer or model number, just contact NuShield and they will work with you to create a film size to fit your screen without additional cost with no extra wait time.

If you have a POS device outside in direct sunlight you might be interested in the NuShield DayVue anti-reflective film that is specifically designed to work outdoors.