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Upgrade Your HDTV with NuShield Screen Protectors in Time for Football Season

With football season starting you’re probably looking to enjoy the games on your HDTV. The resolution on TVs has been constantly getting better, and football enthusiasts are looking forward to enjoying the games on their improved displays that incorporate 4K resolutions and OLED technologies.

football season However, with big screen TVs comes the challenge of glares and reflections from the screen. Glare comes about as a result of light being reflected from the screen and onto your eyes. This can reduce the visibility of your TV and make viewing football games less joyful. In addition, TVs that are placed outdoors or near windows can cause reflections due to the rays of the sun coming in contact with the TV screen.

Most new TV models do not have a matte finish that can reduce glare from the screen. Because many objects within the home can reflect light and reduce visibility of the screen indoors, viewing your TV without a screen protector can be cumbersome.

Reduce Glare with the NuShield Triple A Antiglare Film

The NuShield Triple A film is the choice for reducing constant indoor reflections and improving the visibility of your HDTV. The anti-glare matte finish eliminates the reflections from your surroundings. As you watch tv this season, you will enjoy every first down without wondering where the ball went during the play.

Protect your delicate screen

Because your TV is a significant investment, scratches to the screen caused by pets, dropped objects or children can be very costly.

The NuShield Triple A film offers excellent-scratch resistance through its matte finish on the surface. The material also hides fingerprints, allowing for a clearer screen.

Easy application

Because NuShield screen protectors use a tacky rubber on the back surface as opposed to an adhesive, they are easy to apply even on large TV screens. They simply attach by laying the film on the surface, and bubbles are quickly eliminated using a rubber squegee or a piece of square wood wrapped in a soft cloth.

Compatibility with many different models

NuShield screen protectors are applicable to many different TV models. You can check for your specific TV model here, and if you don’t see it, we can cut a custom-sized screen protector for your TV as well. All you need to do is contact us.

As you begin to enjoy football season, make sure your HDTV is ready for action by installing the NuShield Triple A anti-glare film for better visibility. Discuss your viewing arrangement with NuShield through their online chat, or by phone at 877-900-9193.