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College Basketball Madness Protected by NuShield

If you are a college basketball fan this is your Super Bowl.  The pinnacle of college basketball with 68 teams competing for the title of National Champions. Added to this excitement is the side story of Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski going for his 6th championship win before he hangs up his clipboard and retires.

On March 13 colleges will find out who will be going to the “dance” and actual games will start on March 15. On April 4 the Champion will be crowned in New Orleans. Most games will go down to the wire, and every play will count. With the advent of online betting there will be lots of money exchanged as well.

February and March are also the months when electronics stores have huge sales to get rid of their stock of 2021 models. And it might be a good time to go out and replace your old TV with a new big shiny one. However, as you watch the games on your new TV or your old TV, the last thing you want is seeing annoying glare from reflections through your windows or even in your backyard. Those shiny TVs can easily reflect glare limiting your visibility of the TV screen. Especially the new 4K models which promise realistic and vivid colors and make you feel you are in the middle of the action.

In order to prevent glare issues, you might want to install the NuShield Triple A screen protector on your TV screen. This protective film contains an antiglare matte finish that eliminates reflected glare and improves visibility. The NuShield Triple A anti-glare film can fit on all LCD, LED, or Plasma TVs up to 80-inch diagonal and it is fairly easy to install. The film uses a low tack backing and air bubbles are easily pushed out using a simple credit card during installation.

The scratch-resistant film also prevents unwanted scratches appearing on your expensive TV. The last thing you want is to have your dog or cat stand in front of the TV with their nails scratching the screen. Ordering the Triple A film is easy. Follow our simple 5-step ordering process or contact us if you have any questions about NuShield products.

The NuShield film comes in many sizes up to 80-inch diagonal. If you don’t see your TV model then just measure the width and height of the flat area of your TV screen and send us the measurements using our Contact Us form. Be ready for March Madness 2022 with the NuShield Triple A screen protector.