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Is Your Tablet or Phone a Toddler Toy?

During this Covid pandemic many of us are working from home and have to deal with keeping our children happy at the same time. If you have toddlers or pre-K children it is even harder to keep their attention fixated on something other than wanting to sit in your lap or keeping quiet during zoom meetings.  So what do you do to keep them busy and quiet?

These kids are fascinated by a tablet or phone and can play games that will occupy their attention so you can get your work done.  But your toddler or child doesn’t know that this is not a toy. To them, your iPad or Android slate is simply a toy that offers delight after delight, complete with funny sounds and animations.

toddler toy

Your toddler doesn’t understand how crucial the screen on the tablet is to the entire system, and will go to the extent of throwing the tablet down or piling items on it, oblivious of the potential harm. The result is obvious: a scratched screen that takes your finances back a few hundred dollars. You need a solution to keep your tablet screen intact, while at the same time allowing your child to enjoy its unlimited delights.

NuShield screen protectors are made from a paper-thin, plastic material that doesn’t affect the regular usage of your tablet or Smartphone. The screen is so transparent you won’t even realize it’s on your device. NuShield films are pre-cut to fit your screen. So how does this screen come to protect your treasured tablet against the ravages of a curious young mind?

Your child sees what you do when you’re using the tablet: moving your fingers across the screen as you browse or work. The next moment, your child will be moving fingers across the screen imitating you. However, the fingers that are moving across the screen might be dirty or germ-covered from playing or having been in their mouths.

The NuShield Triple A anti-bacterial screen protector was created to kill germs on the surface of the films while offering a smooth surface that fingers can easily move across without sticking. This is ideal because your child will be moving fingers in all directions across the screen all the time. NuShield Triple A antimicrobial film is formulated to address all germs that attach to your screen. This film is made to kill bacteria, mold and mildew responsible for causing respiratory complications in vulnerable children.

The film has been tested on major strains of bacteria and has shown a reduction rate of up to 99% of accumulated microbes over a 24-hour period. The film is inorganic, making it safe for your child. You can even clean the film surface using anti-viral spray, bleach or alcohol to eliminate germs without ruining its protective anti-bacterial properties. This specially formulated coating not only kills the germs, but also prevents their growth and transmission.

The Triple A film also offers a special anti-fingerprint coating that repels baby’s body oils, and helps prevent the attachment and appearance of smudges. The design makes any fingerprint on the screen invisible from whichever angle you view the screen. This means your tablet or Smartphone will appear clean until you have an opportunity to wipe it down properly.

When your child leaves smudges all over your screen, your next thought is to wipe them off using a soft cloth and a cleaning agent. This is a good idea, but the cleaning agent you use affects the screen of your tablet, scouring off the bright glossy finish. With a properly fitted NuShield screen protector, you can use a cleaning agent freely without affecting the underlying screen.

Adding a NuShield screen protector onto your tablet or Smartphone gives you peace of mind whenever your child is handling your device. You’ll get your phone or tablet back without smudges, scratches or stains. And the ultra-thin screen also allows you to use the tablet or phone as you normally would.

The Triple A film is just as easy to remove as it is to apply. At the same time, it’s sturdy and easily cleaned by strong disinfectants, making it ideal for mobile device use in schools and medical facilities alike.

The reality is that average screen protectors simply aren’t capable of protecting your devices in the same ways a NuShield film is able to. Not even close. Click here to purchase a NuShield screen protector today, and keep your device safe from damage tomorrow.