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Enjoy a Glare Free Super Bowl

So, you bought a brand-new TV over the holidays or during the January blowout sale.  And after you set it up either inside or on the back patio you are horrified to see that you are seeing more reflection than what is actually happening in the program. You try to adjust the TV viewing angle, but the reflections don’t go away.

That’s because most TVs sold today and in the last couple of years do not have a matte surface display to eliminate glare. This new glass-like surface reflects everything around the room and coming through the window. And if you are sitting outside you get to see your grass, fence and other reflections.

NuShield has the solution to eliminate this glare in the form of its Triple A anti-glare screen protector film. The film’s surface diffuses the glare, and you are able to view the screen without reflection from any angle. The film even works outdoors when installed on a TV placed under a portico or in a shaded area. And the film only slightly reduces the vibrancy or distort the image, unlike other competitor films on the market. And unlike our competitors, NuShield offers a 30-day money back guarantee which you can’t get from anyone else.

Aside from enhancing screen clarity, the NuShield Triple A film is also widely revered for its easy application. The back surface of the film has a tacky silicone rubber rather than the conventional adhesive that is sensitive to pressure. Just use a rubber squeegee to smooth out bubbles and in a couple of minutes you have glare-free visibility. Even the removal and cleaning processes are easy. Unlike the TV screen, the film surface can be cleaned with Windex or other cleaners without harming the film and it will protect the surface of the TV from damage as well. You can clean off your child’s messy fingerprints or your dog’s wet nose print with ease.

The NuShield film functions well on LED, LCD and plasma displays in sizes up to 80-inch diagonal. You can find all the various manufacturers and model numbers that NuShield currently has available here. If your model is not listed, just measure the width and height of the TV screen flat area and use our Contact Us form to provide us the information. We will add your TV to our database and contact you when it is ready for sale.

Most orders ship within 48 hours from purchase.