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Do You Wear Bifocal Lenses While Using a Mobile Device? Here’s How to Ease Eye Strain

Between smartphones, tablets and your computer, it’s likely you spend a great deal of your day staring at a backlit screen. That almost certainly has something to do with why your eyes tend to ache at the end of the day.

Let’s face it: The human eye simply wasn’t designed to deal with that level of lighting strain. And if you happen to wear bifocal or multifocal lenses, your situation is likely even worse.

The problem you’ve been having while reading on screens goes a bit further than just having to deal with lighting issues. If you wear bifocal and multifocal lenses, or even if you happen to have farsighted vision, you probably need to tilt your head at a fairly specific angle in order to properly view your mobile device’s screen display. That can but a great deal of strain on your neck. If you spend enough time on your tablet, smartphone or e-reader, this can lead to some pretty serious posture problems.

You may have heard about a stop-gap solution that some device users have adapted: wearing computer glasses. And yet while these glasses will make it easier for you to see the screen, they’re not without their own problems. Consider the following:

  • The odds are good that the only thing you’ll be able to see while wearing the glasses is your device’s screen. That means you’ll have to swap glasses each time you need to get up and switch tasks, and that can be a hassle.
  • There’s also the fact you’ll need to purchase yet another pair of expensive glasses, which your vision insurance plan — assuming you have one — probably won’t cover.

The good news? It is possible for you to ease your daily eye strain without having to sacrifice the time you spend with your favorite electronic devices. Nor do you have to spend a fortune on computer eyeglasses. A much more reasonable and cost-effective solution for managing your eye and neck strain involves modifying your electronic devices with premium anti-glare protector films.

Modifying your devices doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You don’t have to worry about rushing out and purchasing a brand-new, specially designed computer screen. The solution is NuShield’s Triple A Film, which is built with anti-glare, antimicrobial and anti-fingerprint technology. It can also be custom-cut to fit just about any computer or mobile device you may own. You won’t believe how much easier and how much more pleasant the use of your device will become after taking this step.

The first thing you’ll notice about NuShield’s Triple A Film will probably be its matte surface. While the slightly tacky silicone rubber won’t damage your device’s screen in any way, it will scatter the screen’s glare, which in turn will effectively eliminate any eyestrain. (You’ll no longer have to do strange neck contortions each time you want to use your computer!)

In addition to drastically limiting the amount of glare you receive from your computer’s monitor, you’ll also find that the screen no longer reflects images — your face, for instance, or the furniture located behind you — even if you stare at it straight on and close up.

The NuShield Triple A Film will drastically improve your experiences with tablets, smartphones and dedicated e-reading devices alike. Not only will the film reduce glare and protect your screens from scratches, but the film is heavy-duty enough that stylus pens won’t slip and slide on touchscreens.

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