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NuShield iPad Screen Protectors Solve Visibility Issues

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that the Apple iPad has only been around for about four and a half years. Already, this device has become ubiquitous and made considerable headway in replacing laptops and desktop computers.

The iPad’s sleekness and simplicity help it to capitalize on what has long been Apple’s strength: a knack for producing attractively designed products that seem to make all similar devices from competitors look awkward, bulky, and even “geeky” in comparison.iPad Screen Protectors

One noteworthy aspect of the iPad’s popularity is the diversity of users of this Apple creation. Unlike the laptops and desktops that came before, the iPad has been widely adopted by users of all ages — even users who would be unlikely to either work or play on a traditional computer. Both the old and young alike have embraced the iPad as a way to surf the Web, play games, read, and more.

The iPad offers a striking user-friendliness that makes it possible to master the use of the device in minutes, and this makes it ideal for demographics of people who may be uninitiated as computer users.

Although the first computing tablet was available as early 1963, tablet computing did not become widely adopted until the iPad launch in 2010. Consumers now widely enjoy reading news, magazines, books on their wide variety of tablets. The screen lighting and ability to adjust the resolution, or size of the written material, is helpful when our eyes are strained, or as our vision deteriorates. And not having to recycle newspapers and magazines is reason enough to move from print to tablets.

In addition to Apple’s iPad, other popular tablets include those from Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo, Google, and more.  And now manufacturers are rolling out phablets — large-screened smartphones. We will cover these devices in other blog posts in the future.

Advantages for senior users

There are several advantages of the iPad that seem to be uniquely tailored to senior users. First of all, the touchscreen of the iPad is easy to navigate for users with possible dexterity issues or limited use of the arms or hands. The iPad’s touchscreen makes use of the device highly intuitive and quick. Also, iPad users can easily adjust the brightness of the device’s screen and zoom in on type and images.

In a sense, the iPad solved a persistent problem that had been around since the early days of the Internet and the personal computer. The iPad made the Internet and the major conveniences it offers like social media, e-mail, chatting, and more accessible to seniors who have never learned the ins and outs of computer use.

While a typical senior might have been deterred in the past from getting on the Web due to the complications of learning to use a computer, the simplicity of iPad use has changed all of this. With the iPad, seniors can take advantage of a tech device that makes the Internet accessible like never before.

Because the iPad’s touchscreen is a key component of the device’s functioning, it’s important to keep the screen protected and blemish free. This is why many users of the device opt for a NuShield antireflective or antiglare film iPad screen protectors that will maintain the flawless condition of the touchscreen. Not only can products like the NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film or the NuShield Triple A™ Antiglare Screen Protector Film protect the iPad’s screen, but they can also improve visibility. Like the screens of many electronic devices, the iPad screen can be susceptible to visibility issues because of glare and reflection.

Many senior iPad users have benefited from using an antireflective or antiglare film for tablet offered by NuShield. An investment in a Retinal Display iPad has no value if reflections or glare prevent you from seeing the screen at all.

A senior iPad user from Florida noted visibility issues with the iPad due to the bright summer sun and poor eyesight when using the device to keep in touch with family. Yet she reported that the problem was quickly solved with NuShield’s antiglare film for tablet. She reports:

“After some research my husband discovered the NuShield films. Upon arrival we immediately installed the film on our iPad and could not be happier with the end result. We truly appreciate the fact that NuShield has allowed us to continue using our iPad without the glare and stay connected with our family although miles apart.”

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