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Proper Care for your Vehicle’s Navigation Screen

Mercedes Comand Navigation Screen before the NuShield DayVue Screen Protector was applied

While you’re out traveling and using your vehicle’s navigation screen it’s going to inevitably get dirty and will need to be cleaned.

Most people will probably use a dab of window cleaner or another general purpose cleaning spray on their navigation system in their car with a paper towel or cloth, but unfortunately this can completely ruin the screen and make it unusable.

The alcohol or ammonia found in the cleaning solution will streak and cause damage to the vehicle navigation screen that will be next to impossible to fix unless you take it in to be professionally repaired.

However, there is a way to keep your screen clean and easy to read even in direct glare from sunlight without having to use a cleaning solution and that is through the NuShield DayVue Anti-reflective Screen Protector and NuShield Triple A Anti-glare/Anti-microbial/Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector. The NuShield line of screen protectors are custom fitted to any screen in your life, whether that happens to be your dashboard navigation system or your big screen LCD television at home. What makes the NuShield protective

Mercedes Comand Navigation Screen after the  NuShield DayVue Screen Protector was applied

screens for your touch screen devices so unique is the specialized formula they use. For example, if you used a protective screen on your navigation system’s screen you’ll get:

  • The DayVue film provides an Anti-reflective technology that truly helps even in the most direct sunlight. Instead of having to squint to try and see the directions on your navigation system or trying to use your screen at all in direct sunlight, you can instead comfortably read all the text as if there was no glare at all.
  • The Triple A film not only minimizes glare and fingerprints but also has a special coating of anti-microbial technology on the screen protector to help fight the spreading of germs when the screen is being used. This is especially helpful for the vehicle navigation screen that might be touched by multiple hands.
  • Both the DayVue and Triple A films provide a custom fit which means the screen protector is meant to stay on and you don’t have to constantly use screen cleaning solution every time the navigation system becomes dirty or smudged. Once the screen protector is on, it will stay on. But the adhesive technology used also makes it easy to peel off just in case you want to replace the screen protector without damaging the screen itself.

Liquid sprays can be detrimental on your screen and not just because of the alcohol or ammonia found in the solution itself, but also because the liquid can seep in between the screen and its case and cause liquid damage to the electronics. This can cause areas of the screen to be unresponsive or kill the entire system, making you have to get an expensive replacement. A vehicle navigation screen doesn’t have to be sprayed down when instead you can use a NuShield custom screen protector.

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