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If you Ride a Motorcycle, the DayVue Film Is a Must-Have Accessory for your GPS or Radio Display

For most true motorcycle enthusiasts, there’s simply nothing quite like the experience of getting out on the open road. There’s the sun overhead. The wind whipping by. The road stretching out before you in a never-ending ribbon of possibilities.

However, if you have a GPS device or LCD display radio panel, your leisurely ride can quickly turn into a struggle, and perhaps even a dangerous situation.

Sun glare renders your GPS display unreadable. But you can prevent this situation with the simple installation of an affordable NuShield screen protector with advanced anti-reflective technology.

Motorcycle GPS Devices

Going exploring on your motorcycle can be exciting and fun, but eventually you need to find your way home again. GPS devices use satellite communications to locate your position, providing audible directions and a visible map. Long-used in military applications, consumer GPS systems have made navigating the roads easier and safer.

Motorcycle GPS systems on bikes made by BMW, Harley-Davidson, and Honda however, face significant challenges compared to standard automobile models. Even if you installed your own Garmin Nuvi, the level of vibrations the devices must withstand are much higher, requiring a more rugged frame as a result. For safety, most riders choose to wear gloves, requiring glove-friendly displays to allow for easy functioning for the rider. Finally, a motorcycle GPS must be able to withstand the elements, being subject to wind, rain, and sun.

While manufacturers have made many strides in improving GPS devices for motorcycle use, sun glare continues to be a difficult problem to overcome. Without a roof to provide shade, bikers are constantly forced to deal with direct and indirect sunlight. Most GPS devices utilize an LCD screen that becomes washed out and difficult to read in sunlit conditions. This can make for a hazardous driving situation as you struggle to see where you need to go, putting you and other drivers at considerable risk. Compounding the problem, polarized sunglasses and helmet visors make viewing an LCD screen difficult, if not impossible.

NuShield Improves Visibility and Safety

Fortunately, there is a solution to the sun glare problem. NuShield screen protectors incorporate anti-reflective technology, allowing LCD screens to be seen more clearly in all lighting conditions.

The NuShield DayVue  screen protector provides an anti-reflective coating specially designed for LCD screens, and ideal for outdoor use. Reflected glare is effectively filtered out, providing a clear view of the device. Through careful crafting, DayVue films dramatically reduce screen glare and make the screen visible even when wearing polarized sunglasses.

Through improved visibility, NuShield provides greater safety for motorcycle riders using GPS devices. Rather than squinting at the screen while trying to make out the route, your display becomes clearly visible from any angle. With an anti-reflective NuShield film, you’ll also be able to choose your eye protection with confidence, knowing that DayVue will allow you to see the screen through any lenses, including polarized glasses.

But don’t take our word for this. Consumer Motorcycle News published an article in their November 2015 issue after an unsolicited test of the NuShield DayVue film on one of their motorcycles. They tested the film on a Garmin BMW Nav V GPS mounted on their 2015 R1200RT-LC bike. You can read the complete article for the results.

Scratch Protection

Installing a NuShield screen protector provides other valuable benefits to your GPS device. While driving on the open road, your GPS is subject to road debris, which can cause damaging scratches; over time, those scratches can make your device unusable. Even small scratches can trap dirt and oils, forming a permanent haze on your screen, making it difficult to read. NuShield screen protectors provide unparalleled scratch resistance, with longer lasting scratch protection than other protectors on the market.

Despite the high level of protection provided, NuShield screen protectors do not interfere with the operation of your LCD touch screen. You will still enjoy the responsiveness you’ve come to expect, even on glove-friendly motorcycle GPS systems.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

NuShield prides itself on providing a high level of service to its customers. Protective films can be installed in seconds and will not leave an adhesive residue on your screen. They come in a variety of sizes suitable for many GPS devices on the market, and custom cut-to-fit sizes are also available. If you are unhappy with your screen protector for any reason, NuShield offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Don’t let sun glare stop you from getting out on your bike. With NuShield screen protectors, your GPS device will be visible from any angle, no matter how bright the sun. With unsurpassed scratch protection, installing a NuShield protector will dramatically increase the life of your device.

Get out and enjoy the open road again, with safety and confidence, knowing NuShield has you covered. Click here to order now.