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Protecting Your Electronic Device in the Kitchen

The Holiday season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving around the corner. And as we start getting together again to celebrate the various holidays we are also searching for recipes to wow our friends.

With your laptop or tablet device, you can immediately access thousands of recipes posted on the Internet, and you can effortlessly flip between recipes as you are cooking. Looking for new recipes ideas to impress your guests this year? Pinterest is full of inspiring suggestions. Browsing the Internet, or taking a deep dive into Pinterest, you’ll easily find recipes that are obvious updates on those outdated recipe cards stashed away in your pantry.

Using your laptop or tablet as a recipe book adds a great deal of convenience to meal preparations. And be sure to take precautions to protect your electronic tablet device from kitchen hazards. Things can get pretty out of control as you rush to get multiple dishes ready at the same time.

How can you make sure that your device stays safe and functions properly throughout the day? Apply the Triple A anti-glare / anti-germ screen protector from NuShield.

The following are the major advantages of protecting your laptop or tablet with a NuShield screen protector while you’re busy and distracted with the task of feeding hordes of hungry family members and friends:

  1. Keep your screen clean
    In the kitchen, your tablet can be exposed to food and liquid spills that could damage the device and hamper proper functioning. Food can also dry onto your screen and be difficult to remove. NuShield Triple A will not only protect from spills, it can be easily cleaned and will also prevent bacteria from growing on your device’s screen.
  2. Improve visibility
    Bright lights in your kitchen may cause glare on your tablet making it difficult to read the recipes. One of the major functions of the NuShield Triple A screen protector is to prevent glare from interfering with visibility on tablet screens and the screens of other electronic devices.
  3. Protect against scratches
    When used in the kitchen as a recipe book, your tablet may be susceptible to some rough handling. Just look at how beat up your old recipe book or recipe cards are to get an idea of how intense things can get. A screen protector from NuShield will protect against scratches and save you from having to pay for expensive screen replacements, which could cost upwards of $200 on many devices.
  4. Make instant improvements
    A screen protector can be placed on your tablet device in seconds. There are many different screen protector sizes to choose from at NuShield, so you’ll know that your screen protector will fit your device perfectly.

Using the NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protectors offers several benefits. While protecting your screen and getting rid of glare, without leaving any residue on your device, you’re assured satisfaction by a 30-day, 100 percent money back guarantee if you have any problems using a NuShield anti-glare screen protector.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday season and remember to take some time out in all of your hard work in the kitchen to simply have fun! Prepare a Holiday meal that your family and friends will never forget with the help of anti-glare screen protectors from NuShield this season!