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So What Are You Giving This Covid Holiday Season?

Why is this Holiday season different than any other in memory? Thanks to the widespread infection of Covid 19 people around the world will be spending the holidays at home with a small group of family or friends who are hopefully not infected with the virus.

There will be no shopping in stores or parties or get together with loved ones. Instead your Smartphone, Tablet or monitor will be used to reach out and wish others a better new year.

Covid Holiday Season

Because these devices not only provide endless hours of fun and distraction, but they have also become practically indispensable for everyday living.

But the glass screen on all these devices are a magnet for germs can break when dropped.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to install a screen protector film on the surface which will kill the germs and prevent glass shards dispersing if the display is shattered due to cracking. Without a screen protector film those sharp pieces can injure your loved ones and might case permanent damage.

The NuShield Triple A screenprotector is the perfect film because it is antiglare, antimicrobial, and anti-fingerprint. The screen protector boasts technology that protects from germs and cuts down on glare. This is the same film used in hospitals, restaurants and kiosks to protect from germs. And it can be cleaned off with harsh cleaners without damaging the film and protecting the display at the same time.

The antiglare function will reduce glare on televisions, monitors, and tablets while the anti-fingerprint function will eliminate seeing fingerprints on the new refrigerators, ranges and other displays around the house. The film is easy to install, even on large televisions.

NuShield currently produces film sizes to fit over 15,000 different devices.  If we don’t already list your device on our website we will be happy to work with you to create a new size that will fit your device, up to 80 inches diagonal without extra charge.

If you’re giving an electronic device as a gift this holiday season, protecting it will be almost as important as giving it. Learn more about NuShield products by contacting us or go ahead and make a purchase today.