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Fishing with a NuShield Screen Protector on your Fish Finder

It’s time to go fishing, so get out your rods, reels, hooks and pack them all up.  Clean up your boat and get it ready to go. But the last thing on your mind should be eliminating the glare on your fish finder or GPS. When you’re out on the water most displays wash out in bright sunlight, making it hard to read the screen and see where the fish are hiding.

The best was to solve this problem is to install a special screen protector film over the display that will make the display visible again and also protect the screen from damage by the constant sunlight. The reduction of the sun’s glare will allow you see which way to point the boat and you’ll still be able to read the screen. How many times did you try to cover the display with one hand while steering with the other? And if you wear polarized sunglasses you have to take them off every time you look at the screen.

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The NuShield DayVue antireflective film cuts down glare from the sun and gives your fish finder a level of protection that is not possible with factory coatings. The film does all of the hard work, including protection from scratching, smudging and it is even resistant to oil and other petroleum-based products. And if you are a salt water fisherman, the salty spray from the sea will no longer scrape or wear away the original protective coating. And if you wear polarized sunglasses you’ll find that the screen will still be visible.

The film has a tacky rubberized backing that is easy to apply. NuShield has many sizes to fit virtually any LCD displays found on fish finders, onboard GPS systems, tablets, laptops, and even your television. Just press it on, smooth it out and push out any bubbles trapped beneath the film. That’s it!

NuShield has led the field in screen protection, glare reduction and scratch safety for over 20 years. We currently provide film sizes for over 15,000 devices, ranging from smartphones to large television displays and we add new sizes every day as new devices with different sized screens become available.

Remember, you can’t escape the sun on the open water. Protecting your electronic display from sun damage is essential for a good captain. From scratches, salt water and glare, the NuShield DayVue film is the best way to help your GPS last longer. That is just smart boating.

Why wait? Get your fish protector ready for the season and order your screen protector today. Can’t find your model or size, contact us with your model and size, and we will cut a screen protector to fit for you.