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Flying Drones Not Just For Fun

The biggest wave in modern technology are the use of drones. Whether they are in the hands of hobbyist for fun or used for surveillance by law enforcement, or commercially by real estate agents or photographers for aerial views.

A drone is essentially a miniature remote control guided helicopter fitted with some type of video camera. First generation drones were fitted with still cameras or video cameras that were triggered either on take-off or from the ground. As a drone controller, you could only fly them accurately as long as they stayed with your sight. They would begin recording but the drone controller had no idea what was going to be captured until they could look at the flash card after landing. That all changed with wireless technology.

Virtually every drone made today can be flown by real-time sight broadcast from the drone itself. Essentially that means a drone controller can look at a display screen and see live video from the drone. It can be a dedicated video screen or a smartphone app. Some drone manufacturers and models on the market today that include display screens are the Phantom 4 Pro from DJIQ4 H111D FPV Nano from Hubsan, Typhoon H from Yuneec and Inspire 1 from DJI.

Using a screen has revolutionized flying drones and can now be done over and around objects, even if you can’t actually see the drone flying from where you are. As long as you can see the screen, it’s like you are flying with the drone, and just like a real helicopter, you can go anywhere the drone can go.

Generally, every time you launch a drone you’ll want to be somewhere that is out in the open. That gives you the maximum chance to retrieve your drone when it comes back. Sure, you can launch it from a forest or a thicket of brush, but if on the way down you clip a rotor on a branch or a twig, you could do some very expensive damage to the machine. This means that when flying drones during the day, the chances are that you’ll be out in the sun controlling your drone with no protection from sunlight.

Since modern drone flights depend almost entirely on what you can see on your screen, it stands to reason that having clear vision at all times may make a difference between a successful flight and a crash.

For example, if you are weaving your drone in and out of trees or low flying in and around buildings, your maneuvers must be incredibly precise. However, glare on the screen for even an instant during a critical turn, you could lose control or make a huge error in directional stability. That single instant could cause your drone to fly into a tree, a building or go tumbling to the ground, and potentially a crash might be a total loss.

No one wants to lose their drone because of an error in judgment because of glare or other light reflections that may cause diminished screen clarity, especially with some of the high-priced machines available today. But there is a solution to eliminate glare caused by sunlight or reflections. The best way to have an advantage every time you fly is by using a NuShield DayVue screen protector film over your display screen.

The film is easy to apply, and fits virtually any device with a display screen. The NuShield screen protector uses a light tacky adhesive that can be easily installed. It also does not leave any residue behind if you need to remove it. The extra screen protection is essential for your screen. Plus, they also give you scratch protection, which is especially useful when you are out in the field surrounded by dust, flying dirt and other debris. You want the best adventure every time you are flying drones, and with a screen protector from NuShield, all you’ll have to worry about is the scenery when flying, and not annoying glare.

Just go to the NuShield website and select the manufacturer of your device from the pull-down menu. Then look for your model. The film type you need is the DayVue. Then just place it in your Cart and check out. It’s simple as that. If you don’t see your particular model, you can use the Contact Us form or call NuShield directly. Order your NuShield screen protector today!