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Protect Your Electronic Investments and Your College Bound Student’s Health with NuShield Screen Protectors

As your loved ones prepare for college, you are doing some last minute shopping to help them whether they stay at home or will live in a dorm. Laptops are critical for completing class assignments, while iPads and tablets are ideal for reading school work, news, and social media while students are on campus.

With electronics being important for students, it is even more important to protect these expensive investments as well as the health of those using them. NuShield screen protectors are reliable and flexible options for the students’ devices while in college. They protect against screen damage, scratches, bacteria and glare from the sun when using these devices outdoors.

NuShield Triple A Anti-microbial Film

As college students are on the go using their devices in multiple locations and with multiple people, hygiene issues arise and need to be addressed. The NuShield Triple A Film contains an anti-microbial coating that slows down the growth of germs on the display of touchscreen devices. Bacteria, mold, and mildew can also accumulate, leading to unsanitary conditions that pose potential health risks. These microorganisms can also cause odors and stains that degrade the functionality of your electronic investments over-time.

The anti-microbial film contains a layer of inorganic antibacterial coating, which kills germs on contact and prevents them from breeding on your device. The film remains effective even under conditions of extreme heat or acidity.

Anti-glare Properties

The NuShield Triple A film also contains anti-glare properties that increase visibility indoors and in shady areas with constant reflections. The Triple A film contains an anti-glare matte finish, which reduces glare by filtering out up to 99% of UVB light from reflecting back onto your eyes.

The Triple A film beats its competition in other anti-microbial films by being much thinner, which maximizes clarity and visibility. Most other similar films are so thick that they end up giving off a dark, hazy appearance to your display.

Scratch Resistance

For college students carrying their devices to multiple places across campus, the risk of obtaining scratches on your device’s screen is always present. And because replacing the display on a mobile device typically ranges from $200-$600, this is an expense that college students would rather not incur.

But not to worry, the Triple A film has you covered. It provides excellent scratch resistance through its matte finish that is present on the surface. This finishing material also hides fingerprints on touchscreen devices, making visibility and care for the device that much easier to achieve. In fact, cleaning your device display is as simple as wiping it with a soft cloth. The cleaning process does not diminish its antimicrobial properties.

Easy to apply and remove

Convenience is among the most important attributes for college students. The NuShield Triple A film is very easy to apply and remove at any given time. It contains a low-tack silicone rubber that adheres to your screen without the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives. The material also does not trap air, and bubbles are easily pushed out using your finger.

Multiple Compatible Devices

The NuShield Triple A film is available for over 12,000 devices. They can fit on many different gadgets, and films for custom sized displays can also be cut to size. Regardless of the device that college students will be using, they can enjoy the protection of NuShield films both indoors and outdoors.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215-500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.