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Did You Get a New Mobile Device Over the Holidays? Here’s How to Keep It Protected

See if this doesn’t sound familiar: Your new smartphone or tablet was the best gift you unwrapped over the holidays this year, and you couldn’t wait load it up with all your favorite apps. Playing with your new toy brought you an almost childlike sense of glee. But after only 20 or 30 minutes, you noticed that your new device’s screen was already covered in greasy fingerprints — it wasn’t not looking anywhere near as shiny and new as it did just a half-hour earlier.

So … what can you possibly do? You can protect your screen, of course. And here’s the good news: Doing so is actually lot easier and a lot cheaper than you might imagine.

Protect Your Device With a Screen Protector

If you want your new tablet or smartphone to look great and to perform at its very highest capacity, applying a screen protector is key. In fact, preventing smudges and fingerprints is only one of the benefits of outfitting your device with a NuShield screen protector; here are a few other advantages you may not have considered:

  • Protect your eyes from the damaging glare of the sun: We’ve all experienced the frustration of having our screen displays obscured as a result of extreme lighting conditions. Even though the manufacturer of your device has almost certainly done everything possible to optimize performance, they simply can’t control the multitude of different conditions in which you’ll be operating your device. NuShield screen protectors, however, are absolutely ideal for reducing glare, and for increasing your ability to actually see what’s on your screen, regardless of lighting conditions.
  • Protect your health: Who knows where your friends’ fingers and hands have been lately … right? In fact, that’s something most of us don’t even think about as we pass our mobile devices from person to person during a gaming session, or over drinks at the bar. But consider this: A recent study by a British consumer rights agency concluded that most phones and tablets are considerably dirtier than an average toilet seat. Nasty! If you’d like to reduce your chances of spreading a device-borne bacteria or virus, check out our anti-microbial Triple A screen protector. It’ll help reduce the amount of microbes and viruses that can be easily passed when sharing a device, especially when children with sticky fingers grab your tablet.
  • Protect your new tablet or phone from harsh cleaners and detergents: Over time, little scratches and smears can have a detrimental impact on your device’s screen. Many of the items we use to clean our devices can be very harsh. The screen protectors allow you to clean your screen while keeping your device safe from harm, and those pesky thumbprints.

Different Types of Screen Protectors

NuShield offers several different types of screen protectors, all of them with different functions. If you’re going to be using your device outdoors, the DayVue film will be your best bet. It has excellent anti-reflective properties that make using your phone or tablet much easier, regardless of lighting conditions.

If you’ll be using your device predominately indoors, the NuShield AG anti-glare film is just what you need. The film is made to withstand constant contact with fingers and stylus pens, and can significantly reduce the wear-and-tear on your device’s screen.

If sticky little fingers will be handling your device, or if it’s passed around from one person to another on a regular basis, you might want to consider the NuShield Triple A film. Not only does the Triple A reduce glare from indoor lighting — it also has an anti-microbial coating that greatly reduces the amount of germs and viruses that can live on your screen. The Triple A film is also a great choice if you happen to work in a medical setting, which is of course a veritable breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Your new tablet or smartphone is worth protecting, and if a screen protector was not included in your gift, it would be a great idea to take that extra step and get one today. With the many different varieties of screen protectors available, you can get exactly the type of protection you want at an affordable price. Consider the fact that replacing your device’s LCD screen can cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace, the few dollars spent on an excellent screen protector are worth it.

Bottom line: A NuShield screen protector will allow you to enjoy your new mobile device for years to come, without worry. Learn more about our superior screen protector technology here.