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Stewart-Haas Nascar Team Gets an Edge with NuShield Triple A™ anti-glare screen protectors on Racing Car’s Digital Dash Panels

Everyone knows that glare from the sun or other light sources makes driving more dangerous. Glare can temporarily blind drivers, causing them to miss important visual cues on the road. In serious cases, the instinct to cover the eyes or avoid the source of the bright light may cause a car to lose control.

Digital dash display reflects glare making it hard for drivers to read panel.

And while LCD car dashboards and GPS electronic devices provide drivers with directions and other vital information while they’re on the road, their screens are another source of glare. Checking a glare-ridden screen while you’re on the road is dangerous for the driver. It can also take extra time to visually process the information on a screen that’s glaring into your eyes, which can divert drivers’ attention from the road.


NASCAR drivers know that every second counts. At their blisteringly fast speeds, a split-second spent adjusting to a screen’s glare can cause a dangerous crash. And with NASCAR’s new McClaren Digital Dash technology providing drivers with essential information as they drive, not looking isn’t an option.

That’s why the Stewart-Haas NASCAR racing team has teamed up with NuShield to protect their drivers’ eyes. By installing NuShield Triple A® anti-glare screen protectors on the digital dashboard’s screen, the team is protecting their drivers, increasing their comfort and repeatedly finishing in the top 10 during the 2016 racing season.

How It Works

NuShield Triple A anti-reflective screen protectors diffuses the sunlight that reflects off a screen, while allowing the screen’s own light to pass through normally. The screen is easy to read, even through sunglasses — or a racing helmet.

These anti-glare screen protectors are pre-cut to the size of the screen you order them for. Peel it off its backing and smooth it onto the device’s screen. It’ll stick there securely, and peel off the screen if you want to remove it. The film is ultra-thin, so you’ll have exactly the same touchscreen functionality you normally would.

Not only do these anti-glare screen protectors shield drivers’ eyes from sun, but they also protect the device. The screen will also be safe from scratches, scrapes and other damage that can reduce the screen’s readability, and even cut down on the resale value of the car.

If you wear polarized sunglasses while driving, NuShield recommends our DayVue anti-reflective film with circular polarization. The film was made specifically for drivers who wear polarized sunglasses.

Finishing First

After installing the NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector, drivers are able to read the panel without any glare reflections.

Stewart-Haas’ NASCAR drivers are pleased with the glare-reducing effects of the NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protectors. Drivers can glance at their screens, glare-free, to get the critical information they need to execute split-second maneuvers.

If elite racing drivers can benefit from glare-reduction, so can you. You’ll find looking at your device easier with a screen protector installed, and you’ll be more comfortable as you drive. Rather than focusing on blocking out light from your GPS or your car’s LCD dashboard, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the road.

Applying a protective film to your LCD dashboard’s screen takes minutes. Order now. It’ll preserve your eyes, and keep you safe on the road.